RP:A Deal with the Hollow Trading Company

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Part of the Building an Empire Arc

Edwyrd appeared in the meeting hall first it seemed. His attire was that of one ready for battle as it always was. With him was his friend and guard Elwood. If one hadnt known before hand you wouldnt think twice of Edwyrd being a Noble of Rynvale Isle, for he looked everything but. He walked to the end of the hall and stood by a chair not yet taking a seat. His guard close by, ready for another attempt on Edwyrds life should this prove to be another trap.

Kelovath casually stepped into the meeting room after seeing Edwyrd enter. Armor and all, the paladin gave a nod toward the elf and his guard. Getting passed the entrance, he then stepped to the side and simply waited, with arms crossed, by the only exit to the room.

Kang steps idly inside and slightly to the side opposite Kelovath. With a brisk nod and a not-so-subtle yawn, the preklek aknowledges the man and takes up a wary post at the doorway to monitor the comings and goings of all members of this meeting. Should it become necessary, he has a sword, though from his previous interactions with everyone present, it's debatable if not doubtful that he has the capacity to use it, even if he possesses the knowledge. Kang chugs from his hipflask and waits for the last of the party.

Slit walks in behind his two companions and nods to them as he passes then looking towards Edwyrd, Slit puts his hand on a chair and motions towards Edwyrd "let us all take a seat and begin", Slit remains standing waiting on the others to seat before him

Edwyrd 's elven eyes caught every detail and his photographic mind memorized much quickly. He would move forward taking the seat closest to him after giving a small acknowledgment to the others. Elwood remained standing, his large battle axe upon his hip made it akward to sit. Some may wonder if he could truly wield such a large item. Between the two of them Elwood truly looked of noble birth instead of the more battle scarred Edwyrd, questions of his noble birth normally wouldnt ever come up. Often times it was even Elwood they assumed was Edwyrd. Mixing the two up at first meetings was not a rare event.

Kelovath did not sit. He did smile to Elwood though. But other than that, the paladin stayed still and simply allowed his gaze to shift about the room. Although he was unsure as to what the details were for the meeting, the man was still quite interested in it all.

Kang wasn't sure he trusted anyone here, and if the two obvious warriors were going to stay standing, so would he, if only to run away screaming. Not that he's a coward. It's just prudent. Kang shrugs and salutes Slit, but makes no move from his station beside the door.

Slit shrugs and takes a seat then lifting a mallet on the table he bangs it on the table three times and then takes a stern voice and states "I hereby do call this meeting into order, between the Hollow Trading Company and the Cateran Empire, The purpose of this meeting is the negotations for the establishment of relations and the set up for future trade deals." he then lays the mallet down and places his hands on the table and motions towards Edwyrd "Do you have an oppening statement you would like to make?"

Edwyrd 's posture and look upon his face did not waiver at the sound of the hammer, a sign perhaps that he was used to such formalities. He nodded in responce to the question and then spoke aloud, "I am Ewyrd of the Hollow Tradining Company, to my right is Elwood." After introducing his hand he would continue, "The Hollow Trading is here for the business of trading that is agreed upon between two parties. All contracts and agreements due so become void if any misdirection or inpure intentions are deduced by the Hollow Trading Company. Beyond this, I wish to know a little about yourselves and your empire. It is beyond my realm of knowledge." Regardless if this was true or not he would have asked the same question. He wanted to know first of the Empire and its intent in the lands of Hollow. Edwyrds knowledge beyond Rynvale Isle was severely limited, however he would not help supply any to wage war against another, espicially if it was against the wellfare of Rynvale Isle or its Alliances.

Kelovath actually jumped at the sound of the hammer hitting the table. His armor clicked and clanked together, making it even more obvious that he had moved. With a loud, disgruntled sigh, the paladin shook his head. His attention then locked onto Edwyrd. He listened to the elf speak and quickly was able to put two and two together. He knew enough about the Trading Company and their policies thanks to his current lead over Larket. Again, he looked about the room, then back to Elwood, whom he flashed another smile to. It seemed the paladin was a bit bored already.

Kang just yawns again, though he can't help but wonder about the future ramifications of this meeting as well as the current interplay.

Slit puts his hands under his chin then says to Edwyrd "The Cateran Empire embraces the ideal that all races may live in harmony with each other and that true stability can be spread over Hollow, we take care of the sick and down trodden and would truly wish that all the kingdoms of hollow to work together for the better good," he then motions towards Kelovath "As a sign of our good intentions here is the representative of Larket."

Edwyrd listened intently to his empires intentions in Hollow. He didnt even stand to aknowledge Kelovath, but instead only nodded from his seat. Elwood shoook his head from side to side and Edwyrd only just caught it out of the corner of his eye. He knew what he was thinking. 'Cant you be more formal Lord Edwyrd' he would hear it later. But another thing crossed his mind. Something he did know much about was the prekleks. And he cared not for them or their kind. The Preklek in the room hadnt shown any true hostility however he felt something was off with this group. He wanted beyond everything to say, 'Aye, the Prekleks want the same of our world. But to do so they plan to enslave us and call that peace!' but he didnt, the look upon his face remained clear of agrivation as he spoke next. "We can agree that the world needs a peaceful presence within it. But how does your empire plan to bring such promises of peace?" This suddenly felt like he was confronting a new empire threatening his land of Rynvale over just a meeting for trade.

Kelovath glances over to Slit as the mention of Larket is heard. The paladin blinked a couple of times, looked to Edwyrd, and smiled. Basically the same smile he had been giving Elwood the entire time of this meeting. Although he had apparently been brought to the center of attention, he wasn't sure how to continue on the conversation. After hearing Edwyrd speak, the paladin took a step forward and bowed slightly at the waist. "Greetings, Edwyrd. I am Kelovath. At the moment, I am the current ruler of Larket, only in the absence of Queen Jacklin and King Parsithius. Personally, I hate the word and title of Empire. I agree with the ideals of peace for all of Hollow, although it is very doubtful such a thing will ever happen. There will always be some evil out there, but I believe we all know." His gaze shifted from Edwyrd, to Elwood, then to Slit. "Slit, for instance, makes it sound as if The Cateran will be the single power within the land. I can easily guarantee it won't be." The smile was gone and only seriousness could be seen upon his features as his attention went to Edwyrd. He gave the elf a single nod, then stepped back toward the doorway and into his previous place.

Kang makes a mental note that when the paladin mentioned evil he looked at everyone in the room except the preklek. He knows that saying anything would only serve to bring more attention to what most people of Lithrydel view as a menace.

Slit nods to Edwyrd "Yes the term Empire does bring with it a somewhat negative tone, but I do not seek to create a cruel Absolute Empire, The current Kings and Queens are more than acceptable to remain in power on their throne and no war need to be fought, I simply wish for them to care for the people as I do and to offer their assistance in bringing stability to the world."

Edwyrd would only listen to Kelovath and slit and then after a moments pause would say, "So then what you offer us Hollow is simply a peace that is already present at current. Should war break out, what can you offer that the other leaders of their domains cant accomplish? What warriors do you have that dont belong to another nation, what allies do you have that the Leaders of these lands cant make on their own?" He shook his head side to side, "Nevermind me. This is far from what we came here to discuss. But so far as trade with the Hollow Trading Company we may do trade with you. I see no inpure intentions as of this moment and if war is not what you seek but instead a peace brought by peace how could I possibly object?"

Kelovath nodded as the elf spoke. The conversation had begun to swing out to something else completely. Though, when the offer of trade was more than plausible, the paladin couldn't help but to smile again. He did start to have other questions about and for the Empire, but that was for another time. He didn't see why he needed to be here anymore. The option for trade was quite apparent and any decisions would be shared later on anyways. "Slit, I think you are able to handle things from here." Again, the armored man smiled to Elwood, for whatever reason. And then smiled and bowed to Edwyrd shortly after. "Thank you for your time. You are welcome to visit Larket sometime, should you choose." And with that, the paladin turned and exited the room.

Kang is careful not to move or make a sound. He is here to guard, listen, and weigh threat variables. There seems to be no threat and the negotiations are passing quite well so far.

Slit listens to all that is going on and the places his hand on his forrid "We make an offer of Salt and Glasswork from artisans and in exchange we would need the importation of building materials and builders in order to construct the Great Oasis Bazaar once more."

Edwyrd nods, "And understandable request. How much material shall you need? The Rynvale Lumber company can handle most requests and if bought through the Trading company then a favorable discount can be arranged?"

Kang stands silently

Slit said to Edwyrd, "we require the materials to construct an entire city and working tools. A tavern, Shops and homes and materials to build a mine for further Salt Extraction and then a Furnance for the making of Glass"

Edwyrd said to you, "I understand. Ill speak with the Rynvale Lumber Yard and see what they can do. As for the metal perhaps I can find some contacts with the dwarfs to help supply you with metals. Oh, do you have many woodlands near you? It would be cheaper to simply cut your own woods if that was an option? Also, where are you located?"

Kang does a nifty prestidigtatic trick that mimics a shadowwalk, but really is just intense training. Nonetheless, the preklek is gone as the negotiations come to a close.

Slit said to Edwyrd, "We have made our camp in the Desert Oasis and are making great strides in assisting the people there and to rebuild their homes and create economic opportunity for all in the land"

Edwyrd said to you, "I see, I shall spread word quickly of the need for laborers and materials. Any special material in mind other than that of wood and metal?"

Slit said to Edwyrd, "that shall be all for now and as soon as the mine opens we shall begin sending shipments your way"

Edwyrd said to you, "Very well, then until next we meet."