RP:A Deal with Daeron

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Part of the Building an Empire Arc

A company of several elves were here with lord Daeron. He sat at the table near the bar drinking a glass of wine, a couple of his advisors were present as well, they waited on Slit to appear before them. His son had left Elwood in his care to introduce the parites. Slit walks in the Inn dusting off his armor, he looks around and sees Lord Daeron sitting at a table and slowly walks over to him and takes a seat looking across the table he rubs his jaw, then says "you called this meeting, so lets hear what you have to say"

Daeron looks up without saying a word. Elwood steps forward. "My Lords allow me to introduce. "Lord Daeron, this is Lord Slit, and Lord Slit, this is Lord Daeron of the Illaren Noble house of Rynvale." Stepping back now that his job was done he observes them. Daeron spoke first only after standing to greet the elf. "Word has reached me of your empire being built in the Desert near Cenril. I think it a noble cause and wish to lend you my support." How would Slit respond, he wasnt sure. Certainly Slit knew the way of things though, politics worked that way, I give you this, you give me that...

Slit looked into Lord Daeron eyes for a moment, then raising his hand onto the table he leaned forward. "Your support is always welcome as I am sure you wish for my support as well." he though for a moment, wondering if he should continue or listen further, he then leaned back in his chair and asked Lord Daeron "May we get to the core of our dealings?"

Daeron smiled lightly. His age showing, even in that of an elf. "Very well. Rynvale is without leadership since Arien has gone from our lands. It is a problem blamed on our house that she abandoned the Rynvale Port. I wish only to amend for this by helping the next one entitled to it to Govern. However, getting him in the Governors seat may prove difficult. Help me get this man into the Governor seat of power, and you shall have my support along with a generous donation to your cause." He hadnt said whom, perhaps Slit would assume it to be his son, even though he doesnt know who that is. He pondered over his next response as he sat in silence now. His advisers stood and with a bow dismissed themselves.

Slit nodded and then pulled out a piece of parchment he began to scrawl swiftly on it and then slid the paper across the table and then he said "these are my conditions for my support to whomever you want to be govenor just fill in their name on the treaty and then have them sign it at the bottom." he then sat with a grin across his old face knowing that the desperation of Rynvale would have them sign almost anything to end the state of anarchy that they have delved into.

Daeron took the paper and read it over, it was acceptable for his help to remove the shame from his house. "To add to this, I ask that My head of House, be made next in line as well after my appointed."

Slit nodded in agreement "you may choose who ever you wish, though in exchange for allowing you to pick the govenor and the next in line, I ask that I be allowed to make a couple of appointments to other offices."

Daeron spoke, "I cant promise such things as that is truly the Governors choice. However I can promise my aid in attempts to help you. As second in line my house wont have the true word of power, but we do have the word of suggestion.

Slit crossed his arms "very well if the governor will choose, the other offices I ask that you send someone of your house to serve within my royal court so that I may have an ear close by." he then places his hands under his chin leaning forward anticipating Lord Daeron response

Daeron simply nodded, "It shall be done."

Slit nodded "very well I await to meet the member of your family you send."

Daeron stood. "You shall recieve word from him once I get the signatures needed upon this parchment." With that he would give a small bow out of respect and exit to the south