RP:A Day at the Arena

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Larket Arena

Kelovath had been within the confines of the arena for the better part of the day. Honestly, there was only so much skill with a sword you could learn from other paladin's. Sometimes, it takes an outside resource to extend your skill. And so, that's exactly where Kelo had been spending the day. There hadn't been much on hand practice, of course, but there'll be a time for everything. At the moment, the armoured paladin was sitting rather close to the middle of the arena, speaking with a couple of the gladiators. From the looks of it, they were taking a short break. Although, it wouldn't be long until they were right back to training.

"Charge!" comes the fierce yell from the arena's main gate, where Kirien is currently balanced atop a gladiator's wide shoulders, acting like some famed army commander of legend sitting proudly astride his steed. His makeshift mount is Brutius, a youth more than half the empath's age and twice his size, who simply rolls his eyes before starting off as directed. Previously, he may only have done this for coin, or not at all, but it seems the two have become unlikely friends over the past couple of days. Powerful legs carry them both into a jog that swiftly builds into a full-on run; an intimidating sight to most, perhaps, though the other gladiators are used to it by now. And all this might look like nothing more than boyish tomfoolery to Kelovath and the others, until Kirien's voice rings out once more, this time punctuated with the distinct crackle of magic - the entire arena foundations seem to shudder in answer to that call but what the terramancer focuses on is something far smaller. Rolling along in the wake of the running pair come three iron spheres, like those on the end of a slave's shackles, that tumble this way and that as they follow Kirien's guiding hand to circle the arena after the two. Apparently, this is some form of training in itself, if a little more unorthodox than Kelovath's.

Kelovath was toward the end of telling a slightly raunchy joke whenever Kirien so rudely interrupted. I mean really, it was right at the punch line! Although, seeing Kiri on top of another dude like he was, was enough of a raunchy joke in itself. The paladin canted his head to the side as the terramancer started with his magic. With a grin, Kelo looked to the pair of gladiators he was previously speaking with and nodded to them both. With them also returning the nod, the three of them started after Kirien and his 'mount.' Kelovath hung back slightly and unsheathed his holy sword. For the moment, Kelo remained a few steps back, allowing the gladiators to attempt the first attack.

Kirien has great timing like that. There is method to his apparent madness; for from his seated position he does not have to focus on moving his own legs, which in turn allows him to pour all of his concentration into the singing metal he's leading in some unseen dance of magical tethers and movements. He and Brutius have almost, -almost- completed a full circuit of the arena ground when the perceptive terramancer becomes aware of the approaching men, and beyond them Kelovath standing with his blade unsheathed. He blinks, exclaiming, "Oi!" when one of the gladiators begins chase them - never one to back down easy, Brutius speeds up, exerting himself fully while Kirien jerks an arm and spits another earthen word that directs one of the rolling iron balls into bouncing forward. It trips up their pursuer who goes down in a cloud of dust, and Kirien calls to Kelovath, "What's the big idea!" His tone lacks a venomous tang but another of those spheres is headed for the paladin's ankles, set to bowl him over too.

Kelovath couldn't help but to laugh when he saw one of the gladiator's trip to the ground and roll a few times. "We're training!" The paladin yelled to Kirien while at the same time, picking up his own pace and now being right next to the last running gladiator. Just as the sphere was about to take the paladin down to the ground, Kelo had surpassed the gladiator completely and the sphere caused the other runner to trip and tumble to the ground as well. And once again, Kelovath laughed aloud and before he could even continue his own pace, the paladin tripped over his own feet and tumbled to the ground as well. His sword, luckily, was tossed to the side and away to avoid an accidental impalement. The fully armoured man continued to laugh, even as he was picking himself up off the ground, his gaze watching Kirien and his mount make their way around the arena. "Apparently I'm out of shape."

Kirien pulls a face. Training? Of course! This is still a form of training, really, he notes as he watches all three men go rolling in the dirt courtesy of his directing the iron. Snickering to himself, he realises they are slowing now and is just about to hop down from Brutius' shoulders when the gladiator catches him by the leg and gives a sudden tug, causing Kirien to go tumbling off his back. With a yelp he falls face-first into the sand - when he turns to glower up at the other, the corners of Brutius' lips are twitching in the vaguest hint of a smile. "Oh, so you think you're smart.." murmurs the terramancer and kicks sharply at the ground. The sand beneath the other's feet begins to spin without warning, throwing the big man's balance off enough that he stumbles over, too. "Ha! Now we're all even." Kirien laughs, hopping back onto his feet and making no move to brush himself off, then turns to catch Kelovath's gaze with his own blind one. He blinks as if he's only just realised who the paladin is. "Ah. I know you."

Kelovath stands and grabs onto his sword from the ground. With a little hesitation to regain his composure, the paladin turns and looks to Kirien and smiles. When it's mentioned that the terramancer apparently knows him, the paladin blinks several times. "You know me? From where?" After asking, he brushes himself off the best he was able, which wasn't very well. Armour doesn't exactly clean easily when you're just brushing it off with an armoured hand. His eyes look the other man over for a moment or two, but there wasn't much recognition. Though, the dust and dirt could be causing a slight problem, but it's hard to say.

Kirien flicks an ear and edges forward a step. A naturally inquisitive creature, his curiosity is piqued by this man's recognisable feel and his memory is working to determine where exactly he recalls it from, and where they last met, if only ever briefly. "I don't know. I'm trying to remember," he answers, hopping a bit closer. He circles Kelovath once, slowly, but he does not squint much at his face, as most others might when attempting to figure out a familiar figure. Instead, he's taking in the sturdy frame of his skeleton and the cloak of flesh he wears over it; the contours of muscles and the spindly threads of arteries; the scars of old wounds; and the shell of blessed armour enclosing all this grey matter. He sees also the paladin's emotions drifting about him like cobwebs shading his vision and thickening the air, just slightly. Shadows and light, Kirien remembers as a soft frown darkens his features - shadows and light, and poison and cold hatred and parasites. "Tu are..." A pause. He narrows his gaze. "...a man who almost lost himself to darkness, once. A servant of some higher being, almost abandoned." The empath's focus snaps up to Kelovath's face again as he straightens, and states, "I met tu in Frostmaw, when the white knight saved you from becoming a wraith. Does that ring a bell?" He has to wonder if the man even retains memories of that time, or whether the insidious poison robbed him of them when it almost consumed him.

Kelovath didn't move much when Kirien was circling him. Nor did he answer right away when the question was asked and the other words were spoken. A deep breath was taken in and his eyes closed after the final question. Finally, he nodded. "Yes. It does right a bell. And now that I think about it, I believe you also helped me that day. I don't think it was on purpose, but you did." His brown eyes scanned Kirien and yet again, he sighed deeply. "Those were troubling times. And as for the white knight, I haven't seen him since that day, but possibly a single time." A faint smile flashed cross his lips though, bringing the conversation elsewhere. "I'm Kelovath, current leader of Larket." He bowed slightly at the waist and dipped his head formally.

Kirien withdraws an extra step so as to remove himself from Kelovath's personal bubble; a rare instance of respecting another's personal space, perhaps. Bringing up those past events is not something he is fond of doing but he is quietly glad the paladin remembers those times, no matter how hard they might have been. People are generally better off with their memories. What does surprise him a little is the fact Kelovath recalls -him-, and the terramancer barks out a laugh. "Inadvertently I became some sort of hero. Aha." His tone makes it difficult to judge whether or not he is pleased about this, and his expression remains unreadable for a few moments. Then it evens out into a slightly skewed smile, and Kirien says, "I'm glad you were able to remain yourself, despite it all. Those wraithlings are some horrible bundles of emotion to hang around, tu know." The rather formal introduction prompts a blink before he too falls into a graceful bow, all dusty and freckled, with a stray leaf in his hair. He's a beautiful disaster, maybe. "Kirien Vahir-Ar'Anthari, brother to the Queen in Frostmaw et a vassal of Ashen, et a part of the Eyrie. And..." He spares the surroundings a quick glance, "not an official gladiator of Larket. Apologies for being a regular visitor here."

Kelovath nodded at the mention of the wraiths, which he completely agreed. Those wraiths were something, that's for sure. And with the apparent return of Vuryal, it was hard telling what to expect. A large smile was spread across his lips with the mention of Frostmaw, Satoshi, and Kasyr as well. "I see, I see. I know Satoshi quite well, in fact. The same with Kasyr, although I'm not sure what our current terms are." He chuckled at the thought and glanced around the arena as Kirien did. "Regular visitors are welcomed, Kirien, I assure you. It means there is obviously something in Larket that draws people. And from what I see, you're an interesting sort of people. You kind of have to be to be a part of Frostmaw." He gave a quick wink and laughed yet again. "I am glad you seem to enjoy it here, honestly. The last person I ran into here wasn't so confident in being here." A shrug of the shoulders was seen and heard, thanks to his armour.

Kirien gives a lazy swish of the tail, looking thoughtful. "I'm sure 'friendly' es a fine enough term." He nods his head. It is perhaps best not to rely on his words, though, as he's not wholly involved in such matters. Really, he shouldn't be speaking about them at all. "My sister," he says with a smile, "es one of the warmest people I know. All things considered, that might sound silly, but it's true." That comforting sense of 'home' Kirien feels whenever he is in Satoshi's presence is enough to ease all his worries; a soothing balm that carries away troubles. He shakes his head, though, turning focus and the topic back to the arena and grinning at Brutius over his left shoulder. "Frostmaw es indeed full of interesting beings. That makes it all the more fun. And I like this place. Here, especially, the threads are clear and the echoes not too overwhelming...it's good. Besides." A grin flashes across his expression and the slightest mischievous glint crosses his gaze. "What better way to learn to bend metal than to have a big guy with a big sword try to hit you?" Pausing thereafter, Kirien's brows raise some and he asks, "Oh? Who was that?"

Kelovath glanced over to Brutius and nodded to the man. If he knew the mans name, it'd probably be something familiar. The paladin did his very best to know everyone he could within Larket. It one way or another, it was a part of the leadership position. Realizing his sword was still in his hand, he decided to place it back into it's sheath before continuing the conversation. Sadly, he'd have some major cleaning to do later. Can't exactly be shiny and golden if you're covered in dust and dirt. "She didn't really know what her name was...Or where she was from, last I knew. She said her name was Septima. She seemed quite lost, but I told her she was more than welcome to stay in Larket. She has a place at the local inn and I'd assume she comes here very often." His mind shifted to Septima completely, wondering where the woman was. Hopefully she was safe. His head shook slightly and once again, he looked to Kirien. "Well...I think I should heading out. Thank you for being here, Kirien. It warms my heart to know that there are people who find interest in Larket. I know your allegiance lies with Frostmaw, but you'll always be welcome in Larket. Give Satoshi my regards." He turns then and starts for the exit, but stops after a few steps and looks back to Kirien. "I don't know if you've heard, but Vuryal, the creator of those wraiths, has returned. Stay safe." Kelovath turned then, and headed out of the arena.

Kirien watches Brutius return the nod with a respectful one of his own, and wiggles his tail a bit more. "Brutius has been helping me out a lot here," he tells Kelovath with a vigorous motion to the young, muscular gladiator. "Larket has some brilliant gladiators." At mention of the familiar name and the description of the amnesiac woman, Kirien blinks a couple of times as his mouth opens in a silent little 'o'. "Ah, we were here when she arrived. The...threads were torn apart." His remark might seem a bit confusing and the terramancer makes no move to really elaborate, staring across the arena with a distant look in his eyes. Kelovath's next words jolt him out of his little daydream and the paladin earns himself a brilliant smile from the blind man. "I shall--" Wait, what was that? The smile falters then drops instantly off Kirien's face once more when the parasite's name reaches his ears and he stiffens visibly - he twitches, manages, "Y-You too," then stands in silence and watches Kelovath leave, his gaze trained hard on the man's back. That's not the best news, and it doesn't please him any. He should get back to training.