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Hollow for the beginner can be a very daunting place to be. However we do have on hand a large wealth of seasoned role-players willing to share thier thoughts, insights, opinions and general role-playing hints and tips. If you would like to give your spin on how things or or think the newbies need a guide on a specific subject here is the place for it.

General Role-playing Guides

Alexander General Role-Play Guide
Alexander For Newbies
Alexander Role-Play Rules
A Symposium on RP Perspectives
Why would I RP a Human?
Children Discussion

General Statting Guides

Keter's Newb Gold/Armor Guide
Keter & Thea's Newb Training Guide

RP Dueling Guides

Dueling 101
RP Duel Judging Guide
Gevurah's Duel Judging Guide
Judges List
Rheven's Judge List

Character Race Guides

Races of Hollow

Character Class Guides

Classes of Hollow

General Player Guides


Mob Related Guides

Kharet/Janus's WTF?! guide

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