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Peridot Goat Hoof Cleats

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This page describes a Custom Item. To see rules and pricing to create your own, go to Customs Price List.
Peridot Goat Hoof Cleats - (Armour-Feet)
Creator: Unknown
Last Known Owner: Satoshi, the Assassin's Guild

A strange pair of boots, if ever there was one. But at first glance they seem perfectly normal, simple leather boots, while closer inspection reveals a flat peridot disc on each heel that--when struck against the ground purposefully--activates the enchantment. The soles proceed to transform, becoming both jagged and taking on a rather 'bouncy' quality. The wearer will find, at this point, that they can climb with incredible traction and spring about with extreme ease, much like a mountain goat upon boulders. Extended use of these springy boots is not recommended, as tales follow the item, stating prior owners having become more goat-like with each use until they suddenly vanished, leaving no more than the boots and hoofprints behind.


One of the twelve cursed gemstone items found in the strange ruins beneath Frostmaw. The story of their creators is thus far unknown, but one truth of the items is that each holds the power to corrupt their holder if misused. It is said that the items are able to seek each other when separated, whether this is true or not is yet to be seen.

Part of the Assassin's Guild Quest Arc