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Outline For Judging Criteria

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An outline for judging criteria serves as a complement to the dueling tip pages. It will help judges by providing them with a possible template with which to judge duels, as well as help those duelists by showing them specific instances of how their work may be judged.

I always group criteria into five fields with which I judge duels. They are: Flow/Clarity, Realism/Believability, Description, Creativity, and Penalties. By evaluating each attack and defense using these, one can gain a solid representation of who actually performed better. I will now elaborate on these individual fields.


This is basically how easy it is for others to read and understand a given post. Undoubtedly, some posts you have to reread, sometimes as many as three times or more to figure out what the poster is trying to get across. Other times, you could read an entire paragraph and barely slow down. The latter is what duelers should strive for.

A post with poor flow/clarity: The post is disjoint, there are large sections that seem out-of-place and don't belong, the reader has a difficult time understanding what is going on.

A post with average flow/clarity: The post is disjoint at times but mostly stays focused, maybe there is a small section that seems as if it doesn't belong, the reader can sometimes understand what is going on, but other times has to reread a sentence or two.

A post with excellent flow/clarity: The post stays focused, each sentence builds upon the last, the reader has an easy time deciphering the intention of the post.

  • A tip for improving flow/clarity: Limit your use of pronouns. When many pronouns are used near each other, they can become very confusing.


This is an account of how well a post stays in the realm of the abilities of its protagonist. This also encompasses abiding by intuitive laws of physics i.e. not saying that your tiny bladed rapier slashes through heavy metal armor. Typically this field only becomes an issue when a character steps out of line, or perhaps makes a contradiction.

A post with poor realism/believability: The post includes any sort of god-modding, defies intuitive logic, makes several gross contradictions, making a character seem invulnerable or without weakness.

A post with average realism/believability: The post maybe makes one or two small mistakes, either defying logic, or contradictions, does not portray an invulnerable character.

A post with excellent realism/believability: The post never steps out of line, portrays a character that has weakness as well as strength, and perhaps shows how that character compensates for that weakness.

  • A tip for improving realism/believability: Make sure your character has at least one glaring weakness that will usually get displayed in the midst of a duel.

If this has been helpful, and you wish me to add the rest, send me (Oreste) an H-mail saying so. I won't bother finishing if it's not helpful, or if nobody reads the page.