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  • January 22nd: Elections for Mayor of Xalious will be held February 12th! Kick off at 8:30pm EST
  • January 21st: There is gossip spreading through the village, unconfirmed as all gossip is, that Hildegarde is alive and staying with Josleen at Kyl'oriel's house.


  • December 13th: During the Frostmaw Yule Ball, the lich returned! It was discovered she had a second phylactery, Steward Hildegarde's heart. In a sacrifice that the Village of Xalious will never forget, the Steward of our closest ally, Frostmaw, gave her life to smite the lich once and for all. Steward Hildegarde will forever be revered as a hero in Xalious.
  • December 8th: Josleen traveled with the prisoner Quave to Frostmaw where he was interrogated by Frostmawian authorities. There the lich's phylactery was discovered and destroyed. Hooray!
  • November 22nd: A mysterious lich who goes by 'The Dark Imp' crashed a political forum (via Tupac-esque hologram), assaulted Josleen and Linn, and threatened the entire village. Hildegarde smashed the crystal projecting the lich's image, then shortly after suffered mysterious symptoms similar to heart arrest. A naga arrested a necromancer. A werewolf lost his gods damn mind. A preklek is running for mayor. Larewen ran off with crystal pieces, Linn is probably dead, etc. etc.
  • November 12th: Someone tried to assassinate Josleen!
  • November 10th: A ten-foot wide by three-foot deep crater has been blasted near the edge of the village square after a fourth storm! The cobblestones are gone and the town's well boiled! The sky ripped open for a moment and magic blinked. What? Rumors blame a preklek. (Rumors of a stampede of dire lemmings are not greatly exaggerated.)
  • October 18th: Third storm over the picnic area in the park, same black ooze, fire elementals wrecked havoc. Rumors that Kyl'oriel's daughter Josleen and a newcomer named Linn are investigating these strange occurrences.
  • October 14th: Second storm over Delicates Farm, same black ooze, produce turned to stone. Could the gods be punishing the village for sins? Whispers that the Mage's Guild is covering up the events spread through the town.
  • October 11th: A strange magical storm with dark clouds and black thunder broke over the valley north of Gonda Lane. Vegetation decayed to a black, ink-like ooze. Birds partially also decayed and dead.

December 2013

  • December 28
    • Many civilians and residents of Xailous have voiced their discomfort and unhappiness with recent events. Some have begun looking to the Mage's Tower for support and others have begun looking to the dragon residents for protection. Uncertain times are ahead.
  • December 27
  • December 16
    • A traveller was apparently stopped by a group of armed rangers, described as 'almost warband like', in an effort to have an unlawful toll enforced. In conclusion to the incident, a loud bang was heard in the area and the traveller was not identified. Inquiries have apparently been launched.

November 2013

    • A group of rangers originally from Chartsend - perhaps a unit that deserted or defected - have began ranging through the rough ranges and enforcing tolls upon any with known ties to Chartsend or The Keepers of the Temple.