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August 2019

  • August 25
    • In a show of peace and unity, House Nasar welcomes all to Vailkrin for an evening of anonymity and revelry. Join the Houses of Vailkrin in appreciating the finer things in life (and death) for a masquerade dinner. Celebrate the beauty of romance by taking part in our Shipping Contest (based on entry post), where we make the matches for you. Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the contest and the anonymity of the masquerade, we cannot guarantee the winning pair will get along. For this reason, there is to be no violence that night.
    • September 15th, 2019 at 6PM EST, Great Hall of Vailkrin

May 2014

  • May 30
    • The Scarlet soiree, the gala hosted at Vailkrin's castle, lived up to its name- the celebrations having degenerated into a bloody debacle due to the involvement of individuals related to the cult known as The Nathali, as well as an unnamed assassin who was only identifiable by the garb he wore, which bore definite symbols of Cenril and its Church. Investigations are still underway as to identify all those who went missing or died during the disarray, but amidst the chaos, both the the Lady Lorraine of House Torrador and the Lady Alesha of House Ginavi were amongst those deceased. Details as to how they perished are as of yet still confused, though the involvement of the man known as X is one of the most consistant stories to date.
  • May 21
    • Vailkrin's vampire king, Kasyr Azakhaer, was attacked in the city plaza by an assassin. Although his assailant wore a mask, the feline-like description matches one of the suspects on the Cenril funeral home assault. Some believe the assassin is Jelko, a name whispered among assassins and thieves in the City of the Dead. Although the assassination attempt was not completed, Lord Azakhaer nonetheless suffered severe injuries through the uses of Dragon's Blood before managing to halt the assassin's attacks by collapsing a portion of the street. The Revenant's state is unknown at this time, having withdrawn to Vailkrin Castle, although it is believed he is in poor condition from so much exposure to Dragon's Blood.

July 2013

  • July 27
    • The Vampire Houses of Vailkrin have released a bounty on the vampire(s) that have been leaving drained corpses in Larket and Cenril. The undead city has declared it does not side with this rogue, and wishes to see the creature, or creatures, involved put to death. The bounty per head is 50,000 gold, and 1,000 gold is being offered per piece of information that leads to the destruction of the rogues.

August 2012

  • August 14
    • After many battles within the city of Vailkrin, the inter-dimensional rift appears to have been finally closed. The City of Vampires suffered many losses to its undead citizenry, but slowly it is beginning to rebuild. There is some talk that not all the beasts were destroyed during the conflict, but whether this is true or merely the product of terror stricken citizens... only time will tell.
  • August 7
    • After nearly a day long battle the powers that be in Vailkrin managed to mend the inter-dimensional rift somewhat, slowing the invasion by a great deal, though the ominous scar still hangs in the sky over the city.

July 2012

  • Plastered around town are a series of posters announcing the arrival of a unique caravan:

(A large, glittering poster is here, parchment dyed an unusually dark purple with borders heavily decorated with tiny copper stars, silver moons, golden suns, and white swirling lines. The words are in a shining gold with letters carrying excessive loops, curls, and capitals, designed to capture and hold the eye with their complex patterns. The first three words are enormous, dominating the top of the page, and even more outrageously decorative than the rest of the poster.)

Cicerian's Caravan Curios

has arrived! For one week only I, Cicerian the master necromancer and artifact collector extraordinaire, will be in the glorious city of Vailkrin. Do not pass up this rare chance to see the otherwordly, purchase the unique, witness the unspeakable, and even earn a small fortune! That's right, not only are my exotic curiosities for sale, but I am also purchasing objects of unusual and magical nature. So come by Cicerian's Caravan Curios today, friend, with your arcane artifacts!

(The picture of a pile of golden coins caps off the sentence, and should any peer closely they will spy a tiny dragon sleeping coiled atop it, silently telling the world that Cicerian pays top coin for items of the magical sort. At the very bottom of the poster, in tiny font of a purple only a faint shade lighter than the background, are the following words.)

Cicerian's Caravan Curios is not responsible for loss of limb, permanent alterations to one's self or loved ones, disappearances, time displacements, curses, hexes, magical inconveniences, binding contracts with otherworldly entities, failed wish grantings, maladies physical or arcane, hauntings, death, or undeath caused by items purchased. Thank you.

June 2012

  • June 21
    • The powers that be have installed a weather control system in order to deal with the things falling from the rift. A beautiful light display is also offered for those residing in nearby areas.

May 2012

  • May 29
  • May 26
    • In addition to the disappearance of many of the stars, a number of vampire citizens have been found emaciated in the streets. Unfortunately, not all vampires could be saved in time. Upon questioning survivors, they claimed that they 'did not feel hungry'. The House Ginavi appears to have an idea as to what the cause is. Investigations continue.

March 2012

  • April 10
    • A disturbance in the Vailkrin arena resulted in the loss of the variety of small enchantments existing in the area, up to and including the de-animation of its lesser maintenance undead, when a supposed 'glowing amber wave of light' washed through the structure. No damage of a large scale sort have been reported, only minor issues, inconveniences, and obstacles have risen up from what is assumed to be a small mishap with magic-suppression wards. Enchanters have since been brought in to restore the unraveled spells and hope to have everything fully functional again in a matter of days.

February 2012

  • February 7
    • With the end of the civil war that gripped Vailkrin, recovery begins for the city of the undead. The rebelious coven of vampires and enslaved undead has been all but destroyed or scattered to the winds after clashing with the Houses of noble vampires and free undead that rallied beneath the collective banners of Redhale of the Black Library Institute and the revenant Kasyr Azakhaer. Enemy Houses have been purged of traitorous blood since the dust settled and their holdings redistributed to the those that proved loyal to the victors, including House Trintus after they suffered heavy casualties by volunteering to spearhead the attack against the rebels. The castle that once loomed over Vailkrin Plaza was destroyed in the battle, although plans are being drawn up to possibly rebuild it. While the worst of the fighting is now over, citizens are still warned to stay sharp in case of small uprisings from the remaining rebel survivors, as well as to report any sightings of the highly dangerous undead dragon that escaped the battle and flew toward the Dark Forest.
      • In further news, the city's resident Mist Dragon--a rare and powerful breed--has fallen ill due to the peculiar, flesh-consuming fog that's recently cropped up around the city. Rewards are being offered for those able to save the dragon, as well as for any information leading to the capture of the culprit behind the deadly pollution.
        • The so-called culprit blamed for poisoning the mist dragon has named herself as the black dragon, Sharliark.

January 2012

  • January 29
    • The sun seemed to rise from the direction of Vailkrin this morning, as a grand battle took place during the night, fire blooming endlessly throughout the struggle. The victors seem set to decide the future of the city.
  • January 15
    • A great hubub seemed to disturb the Vailkrin graveyard.

December 2011

  • December 6
    • A strange man in black has been seen around Vailkrin preforming strange magic and rituals for a price, aparently aiding both sides of the civil war with regard for nothing but what they are willing to pay for his unusual services of, as he claims, doing the impossible.
  • December 3
    • Civil war breaks out in Vailkrin after an attack upon the allies of the undead being Redhale by a coalition of Vampire lords. Flames were seen from as far as Kelay as the attack prompted a devastating battle, the choked bridge becoming the scene of mass murder and friendly fire as the night wore on.
  • December 1
    • Rumors circulate of the recent murder of the Vampire Ambassador in Craughmoyle, suggesting it was the revenant Kasyr who committed the act, although no official accounts have been made by witnesses--in fact, the guards that were supposed to be present claim ignorance of the event and any possible culprits.

November 2011

  • November 28 2011
    • Tensions rise in the undead capital as separate factions arise from the anarchy created by the death of Ginger con Snapdragon. A divide seems to have risen between undead and vampire citizens, although vampire-on-vampire and undead-on-undead violence has also been witnessed. Local illusionist Redhale has issued a warning that the enslavement of undead will be considered an act of war upon his people.

October 2011

  • October 2 2011
    • The State funeral of Ginger con Snapdragon, former Theocratic Leader of Vailkrin, will be held this evening at 7pm, in the Vailkrin Cemetery.
    • Joliette Thorne is said to be revamping the Dark Arena with spectacular monthly melee fighting events. Currently, an event contest is being held between two prospective employees for the position of Arena Manager. Dates and times to be announced soon!

September 2011

  • September 29 2011
    • Vailkrin's long standing Theocratic leader, Ginger con Snapdragon, was killed in a duel by the drow Kuzial, patron of House Stavret. With no official leader the city's rule is expected to go to local organizations, with announcements to be made over the coming weeks. In the mean time, be cautious on the lawless city's already dangerous streets.
  • September 25 2011
    • A book of dark magic has freed itself from the library beneath Vailkrin's graveyard and has begun to appear in various places around the city. Citizens are advised to leave the tome alone lest the curious magic held within be unleashed upon the city.
    • Local illusionist Redhale has apparently lost his spellbook, and encourages any who find it to return it to him.
    • These news items are probably unrelated.
  • September 23 2011
    • Citizens and travellers are advised that extensive roadworks are being undertaken in Vailkrin. Currently repairs are being made to the road outside the Hanging Corpse tavern and along the Blackstone Walkway. Further repairs to be reported as necessary.
  • September 15 2011
    • The source of various loud explosions heard at all hours throughout the city is still a mystery. Why the craters left in the wake of these explosions are spattered with the remnants of blue paint is also unknown.
    • A marked increase in the number of necromantic creatures roaming Vailkrin has been observed, some of them entirely unique and unseen in the Dark Lands before. While the Dark Forest is still considered a danger zone, the remaining creatures, among them several colossal bone-beasts resembling skeletal porcupines and an apparently sentient bone dragon, appear to inhabit the westerly portions of the city, and do not appear to be of any immediate threat to the citizens of Vailkrin.
    • Ms. Joliette Thorne, owner of the Hanging Corpse and current leader of the Necromancer's Guild today issued a statement regarding the presence of an unknown number of necromantic demi-spiders occupying the Vailkrin Bridge:
"There is no need for alarm. Unless, of course, someone attempts to damage the bridge. Sorry about all the webs."

August 2011

  • August 31 2011
    • A time-shifting bomb was discovered in the Vaikrin coffin-maker's shop.
    • An unusual number of corpses have been discovered in and around the Dark Forest over the past several days. Witnessed describe the bodies, which have included human, lycan and vampire remains, as 'desiccated' and 'punctured all over'. The killer or killers have not yet been identified. The murders have coincided with a large migration of wildlife from the area. Caution when travelling the Dark Forest as well as the outlying roads of Vailkrin is highly recommended at this time.

July 2011

  • July 12 2011
    • A serious blaze was reported in one of the upper story guest rooms of the Hanging Corpse Tavern today. Witnesses report flames gushing from the barred window and the sounds of a violent altercation issuing from within the room. The owner, local businesswoman and necromancer, Joliette Thorne, has issued this brief statement: "None of your business. Now, bugger off."

June 2011

  • June 18
    • A vampiress of a minor family is found in Nightshade Avenue beheaded and with her heart removed. Her family has expressed outrage, and demanded retribution be visited upon the woman's slayer with all due haste.
  • June 16
    • Ginger Con Snapdragon hosts another of the infamous Dragon Races in the Dark Arena
  • June 12
    • The Hanging Corpse Tavern celebrated its most recent revival with a spectacular Masque Ball attended by many and enjoyed by all. The Corpse may now be said to have been well and truly Resurrected!

July 2010

  • July 13
    • The issue in the undead kingdom can be explained in no other words but calling it a stalemate. The Dread Knight Cornell has taken over the city with a band of undead citizens, vampires, and even mercenary forces garnished from surrounding areas promising a new Vailkrin. This has been met with no hostility or retaliation but a meeting between the vampire usurper and the current governor of that land, Ginger is in the works to settle the matter in due time. No pretense of mutual respect is expected between the two, but a one on one battle to determine the new leader. Cornell has been denounced by the many allies of Vailkrin yet moves to take control of the land even still.
    • After being met with Jozie, and expecting an honorable fight, the man found only a drunk hag floating back on her way from Cenril. As per the stakes, Cornell gave up Vailkrin, disgusted by the fact he didn't find the honorable challenge he was looking for.

June 2010

  • June 20
    • A chance meeting between Rilla, The Fold’s latest recruit and Triyul, the preklek general at the Hanging Corpse Tavern in Vailkrin, resulted in a battle of minds that escalated to physical violence. Triyul used his assault of Rilla to send a message to Arien, with whom his Black Dragon awareness has a personal vendetta. Several by standers, as well as a number of Rilla’s clan kin were injured in the fray, most of whom were taken to the clan’s medical clinic for triage care, and successfully healed.

March 2010

  • Mar 9
    • At the Camp fire on the outskirts of Vailkrin one may find that a battle took place here. Fire scorched the earth turning much to ash, and yet you see signs of one falling, perhaps to their knees in front of where another stood. The next thing you notice confuses you slightly. A single pair of tracks leading away from the area, these tracks heavier and deeper upon the earth than those that had entered before, perhaps he had some cargo...
  • Mar 7
    • The body of the lycan bounty hunter known as Vicktor Bloodbane was found in the ally beside the Tavern known as the "Hanging Corpse" yesterday morning. His throat was cut, as well as several deep slashes about his body. Witnesses on the scene describe a man in white tossing out his body some time the night prior. No more information is available at this time.

February 2010

  • Feb 24
    • The Blood Bank is closed and under major repairs after a fight broke out on Vailkrin Plaza, leading to one of the combatants, a dragon, being thrown through the bank's front wall and beneath the floor. Multiple deaths have been reported, including that of the dragon's, whose body was not recovered after his attacker--identified as the tiefling, Kasyr--caused a small explosion in the basement of the bank, where the dragon had last been seen. Kasyr was also seen abducting a masked feline from the scene, who witnesses believe was an ally of the dragon.
  • Feb 20
    • A large beast has been reportedly moving about the Dark Forest, leaving a wake of debris with its movements. One witness describes it as "ball of fur, with big ol' teeth and a mouth that gobbles up ever'thin' it gets near. It 'et mah horse while's I was campin' out there!"

January 2010

  • Jan 11
    • Witnesses report spotting a large reindeer wandering through the streets, many saying its movements "were like that of one of the Corpse's recent visitors". The lost animal has yet to be located and captured.
  • Jan 7
    • Witnesses report seeing a shabbily dressed man running up and down the street shouting something about the town being in imminent danger of being overrun by vampires, and that only The Chosen One could save them all. The man was later taken in for questioning by the authorities, and has not been seen since.