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  • All IC news is captured with flavor in The Larketian Herald. Old issues archived on the wiki. The current issue must be read in-game in the Red Ogre Inn. Type 'read paper' while in that room.
  • From February 2017 to December 2017, The Larketian Fault Lines arc fractured society with those who suspect witches and those who support witches on either side. It ended with the public burning of an infamous witch. The events are listed for your ooc convenience in an abridged timeline. Read it here.
  • During April 2016 to February 2017, a lot happened in Larket. It's captured in the Rise of Larket arc, which has been distilled into a handy-dandy timeline for your ooc convenience. Read it here!

April 2016

  • Within the chambers of the Fort Freedom, inside of the Council Meeting Room, an attack and ultimate death of Andurla Palpuer took place. Her murderer is fellow councilman Macon Jauzon. Witnesses at the scene include Larket's Apothecary, Artia and the paladin Kelovath. Macon fled Larket and is now deemed a traitor. Although no official bounty has been place on the councilman, he is being hunted by soldiers of Larket. An actual bounty has been place on any crazed or overly-aggressive Fermin in the sewers of Larket. The majority of attacks on Larket have slowed and a large gathering of crazed fermin have been found in a Strange Den within the sewers.

May 2014

  • May 18
    • Complaints of a disturbance in the western part of the Eternal Forest were made last night. It was assumed to be the pair of Silver Dragons known to live in that region, notorious for devouring unlucky maidens and knights alike, however reports of thunderclaps and unusual flashes of light along with the dragon roars were also made. An investigation was made the following morning, revealing some patches of churned and damp earth but no signs of any further knight deaths, nor any signs of the dragons themselves, except for a bloody saurian ribcage and spinal cord sitting atop the lair. It is unknown how a dragon could be parted with such vital body parts without leaving any blood, gore, or corpse behind. Larket guards believe this to be a conjuration prank by Academy students that resulted in the Silvers temporarily leaving their nest. No suspects are currently being looked at although an eye is being kept on the skies, should the feral Silvers return in a rage.

May 2013

  • May 28
    • The Clan Vanguard has relocated to the city of Larket to begin a new life there after having been welcomed by Kelovath the steward of the city.

November 2012

  • Novemeber 12
    • An unknown source of water has flooded portions of Ferminville. So far no one is taking the blame for this, though it's believed it started somewhere near Larket – yet the humans of that city are saying their sewers have been flooded, too. One such man apparently saw a beautiful and awe inspiring hat under the sewers shortly after the incident, but he was assured it was the Gods themselves wearing such unmatched hat-wear that all he did for the rest of the day was return to his home and pray he too could cover his head in such a fashionable fashion. There was also the sound of a child's laugher ringing out just before the incident. Authorities are looking into this.

August 2012

  • August 19
  • August 12
    • After several days of searching, it appears the strange trees that were planted by Pyoshia and Daisy have been removed. Although, it would not be surprising if there were some that had been missed. For the next few days, the paladin's of Larket and Kelovath himself will be continuing their search of Larket for any trees still lurking about.
  • August 8
    • With the appearance of a strange dryad, Larket decided it would be best to figure out what was going on. Kelovath and two fellow paladins started to make their way into the sewers, but that attempted was halted by a small feline child. Although, the events that took place were much better than the possible wild chase into the sewer.
  • August 7
    • A strange dryad has been recently visiting Larket, growing more bold in being seen. All that is known is she visits the sewers and doesn't return for some hours until she comes out and vanishes once more. It's unknown what exactly she is doing and she's heavily hooded, unable to be directly seen, but her suspicious acts have a few locals quite spooked.

October 2011

  • October 9
    • After much debate between The Parson of Larket and the Larket council, it has been decided to welcome all citizens, sick or not, into the Keep. Fresh water, obviously imported from elsewhere, is being provided to those who need it. The decision to place numerous patrolling parties along the borders of Larket has also been declared and is being carried out immediately. Based on his great loyalty, the council has declared that Kelovath is now the true regent of Larket, until the return of Queen Jacklin or King Parsithius.

June 2011

  • June 29
    • The search for Ault Fredik has intensified. Guards of Larket have been on the search from Cenril to Xalious for the assassin.
  • June 23

March 2011

November 2010

September 2010

  • Sep 10
    • Stone, mortar, and wood has been seen in transit to the Vibrance river, where a structure is being assembled.

August 2010

  • Aug 13
    • Beatrix Huxley, daughter of Clarence Huxley, was found murdered in the Eternal Forest of Larket on this day. As the chief baker of Larket, Clarence is wrecked with grief and unable to continue on with his daily duties. Beatrix had only recently arrived back to Larket after a year away studying unique healing practices from different tribes east of Rynvale. Deputies from Larket have cleared the body of beast attack or any animal attack for that matter. "Only prideful man could commit this sort of crime," one was overheard replying when asked. Immediately after the discovery the listing of suspects began. Faces they saw earlier in the day, people assumed to be steely enough to kill a young woman. The hunt to calm the Burned Baker's nerves is on...

July 2010

  • July 27
    • After months of construction the Larket Stables have opened for business in northern Larket.

June 2010

  • June 9
    • The new Sheriff and one deputy were seen today, walking the streets. They spoke to citizens and posted notices, warning the people of the impending war to the south, instructing them to be ready to flee to the fort, should the warning horns sound.
  • June 8
    • The knight known as Roldan approaches Jacklin with the offer of his service. The two meet in the Queen's office and discuss the open positions in Larket. Eventually the pair strike upon the position of Larket's Sheriff, a role which hasn't been filled for quite some time. Finding Roldan to be a fine fit for the job Jacklin offers him the title outright. Roldan, in turn, accepts the role and begins the job immediately.
  • June 2

May 2010

  • May 13
    • The Obsidian Tower was completely demolished by Mihael on this evening to may way for the Cemetery.
    • After days of planning, workers have been assembled to begin construction on the Larket Stables and Larket Cemetery.
  • May 8
    • Lumber ordered from Port Rynvale is finally delivered to Larket by way of the Air Ship. Accompanying the lumber was Governor Arien and Warder Rhocielle.
  • May 3
    • The long awaited renovation of Larket has finally begun. A meeting with the patrons of Larket and the Lumberjack of Rynvale took place today. Meetings and planning will continue until the planning stages are complete. From there, the construction will begin.

April 2010

March 2010

  • Mar 9
    • The unattended stall at Lucy's Crossing in Larket has been taken over by cousin to Kelly and Lucy, Mary. Plaques have been placed in memory of the lost girls and armed guards wander the crossing to keep watch over Mary.

February 2010

January, 2010

December, 2009