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September 2013

  • September 30th
    • The Mage Guild has named a new Sublime Master, the wizard Svilfon, after the former Sublime Master, Tiphareth D'artes was elevated to the rank of Archmage. Both the Archmage and Sublime Master will continue to pursue the highest levels of arcane knowledge and power, as well as ensuring the Guild continues to grow and remain strong. In the coming months there will be a Mage's Tournament hosted to both celebrate the promotions of Svilfon and Tiphareth, and also to recruit new members to the Mage's Guild. All mages will be welcome to enter, whether you're a member of the Guild or not, and prizes may well include promotions to those who do well.

August 2013

  • August 18th
    • The Mage Guild has named a new Archmage, Tiphareth D'Artes, who was promoted from his long standing position as the Sublime Master. The lichdrow is now considered the most powerful mage in Hollow. The former Archmage, Rheven, has left the Guild entirely to pursue his own endeavours. With a new leader, and new apprentices being added, the Guild will continue to grow as its members seek the highest levels of arcane power. The position of Sublime Master is yet to be filled.

April 2013

  • April 1
    • The clients and task-masters of the rogue network have become active once more, seeking those with a myriad of covert skills for large, well-paying jobs. Rumor has it those interested should contact Ghost, or hope to find her in Vailkrin's tavern. Jobs offers supposedly include: sabotage, spy work, inquisition, kidnapping, theft, and assassination.

November 2012

  • November 20
    • Strange noises and rumbles were heard from deep beneath the Xalious Tree. Shortly afterwards, the Magister Templis Svilfon and Satoshi were seen climbing out of the depleted well in the Tower village. They reported exterminating a beast underground, but have given no further details to anyone outside the Mage's Guild. Villagers report an overwhelming stench coming from the well.

April 2012

  • April 11
    • The Adventurers' Guild, having fallen into disrepair with its former Leader's disappeance, is in the process of being revived under the efforts of Jextar.

December 2011

  • December 28
    • The Wizard Svilfon has been awarded the rank of Magister Templi within Mage's Guild through extraordinary and adept use of the arcane arts.

July 2011

June 2011

  • June 28
    • The Lady Joliette Thorne has been granted a long overdue membership within the Mage's Guild, initiated into the order with the rank of Magister Templi in recognition of her many years as a Master of the arcane arts.

May 2011

  • May 22
    • Svilfon has demonstrated diligent work and mastery within the Mage's Guild and, as such, has been promoted to the rank of Provost Esoterica.

February 2011

January 2011

  • January 23
  • January 15
    • Jelko's 'game' to test the skill of the land's rogues begins, with a one month time-limit for the quest to be completed.

April 2010