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December 2013

  • December 10
    • Posters can be found throughout Frostmaw, and placed upon other city boards, declaring Zane banned from Frostmaw, under penalty of death. A details sketch of the vampire is included, provided by those that witnessed his crimes--crimes which include wanton poaching, vandalism of city property, harassment of Queensguard, and threat to the crown and her people. 60,000 gold is offered for his death should he be found in Frostmaw.
      • An additional party is offering 80,000 gold, for Zane's death, and proof that he was tortured beforehand. Rumors are spreading that this is being offered by the Assassin's Guild, as a recruitment drive.

July 2013

  • July 27
    • In light of recent vampire attacks in Larket and Cenril by an unknown, rogue vampire, Vailkrin and House Azakhaer offer 50,000 gold to whomsoever removes the head of the rogue vampire(s) and delivers it/them to the Hanging Corpse Tavern. 1,000 gold for each piece of information that aids in the capture of the rogue(s).

December 2012

  • December 15
    • "Denizens of the Dark Lands and associates, the city of Vailkrin requires your assistance in helping it regain - nay, surpass - its former glories. Which is to say, we need craftsmen and labourers, masons and smiths, trades men of all kinds willing to help us first repair the Vailkrin Arena, then several smaller projects. Reimbursement for time will be forthcoming. Also, beastmasters and hunters, we the city of Vailkrin will pay you good gold for savage beasts against which to pit the best of our gladiators. Payment on live delivery only. For further information, send a parchment to Kasyr Azakhaer."
  • December 17
    • Rumor and Board has it that the scholar Artritus Vox offers well paid work (and oppurtunity for exotic adventure) to any capable hands interested collecting and hunting down dangerous and rare components for his research from all manner of beast and hard to reach locations. The crowd avoiding employer can easily be reached by courier or personal approach.

August 2012

  • August 14
    • Frostmaw/Satoshi Azakhaer: Calling all skilled warriors, hunters, and sellswords in search of coin. Frostmaw is paying a high price to any that are willing to lend your strength in an on-going project. Must have above average skills in combat, and cannot balk if faced with highly dangerous, unusual, and violent beings. Speak with Satoshi for further details about your prey and your pay.

January 2012

  • January 1
    • Tiphareth increases his bounty upon Fold members to 100,000 Gold; specifying a preference for their entire body to be delivered for payment.

December 2011

  • December 17
    • Ranok places 20,000 gold bounty on the head of the Kelay Restaurant murderer in the name of The Fold.
    • Tiphareth places 30,000 gold bounty on the head of any Fold member in the name of House D'Artes.

November 2011

  • November 7
    • Frostmaw/Satoshi Azakhaer- Gold Reward Increased for remaining Bounty- 35k for Firewing's head, and 20k for any of his servants, allies, and cohorts, plus a custom weapon. 15k for Sephrene's head. Sephrene killed by Redovian. Firewing's name has been cleared through Trial by Combat with his captor, Desparrow (still to be paid for the capture).
    • Xzarren Caste-Posted a message on the Kelay board stating a bounty for a man known as Laurien. The increased sum at the moment, is 50,000 gold pieces for Laurien's pain of death.

October 2011

  • October 19
    • Frostmaw/Satoshi Azakhaer- 10,000 gold for a dead wraith. An extra 5,000 gold for the body intact. 10,000 gold for allies of Archmosia brought in alive, 5,000 for their head.