Militia of Virtue

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A militia designed to stand against the forces of evil within Hollow and maintain a better living for its people. Led by the paladin known as Kelovath, the group follows the path of piety in all they do.

Militia Members

Recent Events

  • Kelovath Khamsin has placed a few notes upon the Kelay Tavern board and also the Hanging Corpse Tavern, requesting those interested should contact him.
  • Warren Lionhart, being the first to contact the paladin, was accepted and made the number two, of the organization. The ranger and paladin became quick friends.
  • Upon gaining Larket's approval, a decent sized group of paladin's from the city of Larket have approached Kelovath. They have offered their services and Kelo eagerly accepted.
  • Skylei Helena Lucindio, shortly after contacting Kelo, was met with and offered a position within the Militia. Though, the paladin was quite hesitant at first with his attempt to scare the half-elf, but even that, was not enough for Sky to turn down the offer.
  • Kain was requested to guide Kelovath and his men into the realm of Chaos in order to aid The Order and lead them to the castle deep within the realm. Kain quickly accepted and was also offered payment for such a dangerous task.
  • After speaking to Lady Cerinii when contacted, Kelo was able to gain more information about Chaos and how to control it. The advice and information was greatly needed and the paladin was more than happy to have obtained it.
  • Kelovath Khamsin and Rowen the Rat met within the Chapel of Cyris, within Larket. After a short meeting, Rowen agreed to join Kelovath and his group for their journey into the Realm of Chaos. Also, thanks to Rowen, Kelovath gained some interesting information on the demon Nasada.
  • Upon chance, or maybe even the good faith of Arkhen, Kelovath wandered into the Kelay Tavern and learned that the clan Black Lotus are the current occupants of the target of the Militia. And after learning this, an unfamiliar knight was given the opportunity to join the Militia. He accepted. Everything's quickly coming together.