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Race Rules
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Mermaid Profile

Race Name: Mermaid
Homeland: Waters between Rynvale and Cenril
Average Height: 6-8ft, including the tail
Average Weight: roughly the same as a Naga, about 200 kg
Preferred Classes: Druid, illusionist, bard 
Classes this race can be: N/A 
Preferred Alignment: Neutral, Evil 
Preferred Weapons: Tridents, their own magic or guile 
Aggression Level: Somewhat aggressive 
Intelligence Level: High, they are a race of tricksters who use their guile to lure sailors to their deaths 
Magic Rating: High 
Strength Rating: Mid 
Weak Against: Fire, heat, dehydration, possibly ice 
Strong Against: Water 
Related Races: Naga 
Allied Races: N/A 
Enemy Races: Humans 

Additional Information

A mermaid may take the form of a human much in the same way dragons have the natural ability to shapeshift. However, a mermaid cannot live upon land. Typically, they can last roughly an hour on land before requiring salt-water to hydrate themselves again, however temperature and climate differences may cause this time to vary. The voice of a mermaid is incredibly songlike, often causing people to feel drawn to them by voice alone. The voice is a powerful weapon, fabled to draw sailors out into the water to drown or to cast their ship upon the rocks.

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