Lithrydel's Guard

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Owner: Jack

Leaders: Jack, Allanon

Alignment: Good

Based: City of the Merchants, Cenril

Requirements: A willingness to RP and having a character in Hollow at least one month old. One may be asked to test their abilities with that of another clan mate in some way(fighting, healing, conversing, singing, ext). Also a two-week idle policy will be in effect, if at any time your character has not logged into Hollow for two weeks you will be sent an H-mail saying so and relieved of your duties. Special circumstances will be handled accordingly. A certain level of RP ability is a must.

Contact Jack, Allanon, Lucia if you are interested in joining.

Clan Purpose: Lithrydel's Guard exists to protect all the communities of Hollow. This includes the communities that are often forgotten. Wildlife and plant-life have their own communities as well and each need protecting. This clan exists to rise to the aid of any that shall need their help and have pure intentions.


Current Alliances: Flaming Claw, The Fold, The Temple(still negotiating), Isle of Rynvale

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