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League of Duelists

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League of Duelists

The "League of Duelists" is an OOC grouping of people who:

  • Are willing to duel ICly to settle character disputes
  • Agree on the same general judging criteria
  • Operate under a stated Code of Ethics regarding duel and judging etiquette
  • Are willing to judge for other duelists when available
  • Are willing to help others that wish to learn how to duel

Memberships is self-appointed, merely place your name on the list of "Members" as a statement that you agree with the concepts stated herein. Skill level is not a factor, even those new to dueling may be members if they agree with the ideals stated on this page.

Member Listing

Honorary Members
Agree with the ideals of this page, will judge, and may duel or spar OOCly but don't duel IC.

Tenets of the Duelist

The League of Duelist Members generally agree with the behavioral & ethical Tenets of Judging and Dueling stated below.


  • I generally agree with and utilize the judging criteria stated in the Judging Guide
  • If I ever feel that I may have a bias of one duelist over another prior to a duel, I will recuse myself from judging the duel.
  • I will remain respectful of duelists, and not unduly criticize their skills, knowledge, or opinions.
  • I will endeavor to maintain the utmost integrity of judging, so as not to besmirch the reputation of judges in this game.


  • I will not target people for IC duels merely for OOC reasons
  • I will respect the IC powers that my opponent has earned and are generally recognized by the admin and playerbase.
  • I will respect my fellow duelist, and not denigrate their dueling techniques or abilities.
  • I will abide by the stakes I agree upon, honoring not only the wording but the spirit in which they were agreed.
  • I will not ICly antagonize those I am unwilling to duel.
  • I will not publicly complain about or challenge a judges decision.
  • I will do my best to honor time limits, and other agreed-to duel limitations, so as not to give myself an unfair advantage.
  • I will endeavor to maintain the utmost integrity of dueling, so as not to besmirch the reputation of duelists in this game.

Useful Links

  1. Rules of behaviour
  2. General Policies
  3. Dueling 101
  4. Judging Guide
  5. Typical Duel Stakes