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This page is an UNOFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

Race Rules
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Race Name: Kelpie
Homeland: Waters between Rynvale and Cenril
Average Height: 5’3 – 6’0 in humanoid and slightly smaller in horse form.
Average Weight:  500 to 800 kg in horse form, 63 – 95kg in humanoid
Preferred Classes: 
Classes this race can be: N/A 
Preferred Alignment: Evil 
Preferred Weapons: Trickery, beguilement, and weapons of stealth
Aggression Level: Highly Aggressive 
Intelligence Level: High 
Magic Rating: Mid
Strength Rating: Dependant on form – normal in humoid form, stronger in horse manifestation 
Weak Against: Fire, heat, dehydration, possibly ice 
Strong Against: Water 
Related Races: Selkie
Allied Races: N/A 
Enemy Races: Humans

Quick Kelpie Facts

  • The humanoid form of the Kelpie is widely debated; some argue that kelpies take on the form of a bestial, hairy humanoid whilst others argue that kelpies are sleek and slender, with cruel faces. They are able to assume this form with relative ease, not dissimilar to that of a lycanthrope.
  • Kelpies are said to have the strength of at least 10 horses and the endurance of many more.
  • Due to their insatiable appetite for human death, kelpies have been otherwise known as the ‘Spirits of the Dead.’
  • The Kelpie’s power of shape shifting resides in its watery bridle, and anyone who can claim possession of it can force the Kelpie to submit to his or her will.
  • Kelpies are not territorial but, due to the solitary and aggressive nature of the beast, most prefer to live and hunt alone and often avoid company.
  • Kelpie’s are associated with thunder and storms, with many believing that they can predict turns in the weather and others stating that the sound of a kelpie’s tail hitting the water makes a sound akin to thunder.

Kelpie Mob


Respawn: ??
Level: 14 Attack: 1259
HP: 14478 MP: 2205 SP: 2205


Max Drop: 482 gold, 0 silver, 0 copper

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