Jack's Distillery

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Directions from Kelay Tavern - 1s, 3e, 1s, 2e, 3s, 1w, 1s, 1e, 1u

Item Gold Silver Copper
Blended Larket Whiskey 300 0 0
Dry Smoky Larket Cigar 300 0 0
Executioner’s Potent Bourbon Whiskey 300 0 0
Imported Handmade Caledorem Cigar 300 0 0
Jacklin’s Cask Strength Whiskey 600 0 0
Jacklin’s Specialty Robust Cigar 600 0 0
Primitive Cherry Engraved Humidor 250 0 0
Rum Flavored Cigar 300 0 0
Single Grain Erristyn Scotch 300 0 0
Single Malt Caledorem Whiskey 300 0 0
Strong Erristyn Whiskey Cigar 300 0 0

The entrance to the distillery is decorated in true Jacklin fashion. Deep purple curtains are tied back from the arched windows with silvery cords allowing ample light to spill throughout the building. Along the walls are small alcoves to allow a more private experience. Each nook contains identical black, buttery leather couches, two armchairs built of the same material, and a rounded mahogany table placed in the center. Smaller, but equally brilliant arched windows overlook the secluded space. Flanking the couches in each alcove are two glass-faced cases. One contains a selection of imported and local cigars of all shapes and scents, the other holds shelves of whiskey brewed on site. An attendant dressed in fairly elegant attire wanders the room slowly making certain that visitors and patrons alike are served properly. On his wrist a fairly sizable key ring dangles, the keys most likely go to the locked cases in the alcove which can be unlocked upon request of purchase. At the head of the room is a counter with a few more cases of cigars and bottles of whiskey stacked on shelves behind. The scent of smoky cigars and strong whiskey mingles in the air to create a most intoxication retreat. To the east is a door labeled ‘Distillery’ in a simple script. On the other side awaits the belly of the alcoholic beast.

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