Immortal Polar Bear Cub

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Immortal Polar Bear Cub:

Health: 5 / 5

Magic: 5 / 5

Stamina: 5 / 5

Owner: Khitti

Description: An adorable polar bear cub that goes by the name of 'Aspen' and is often finding himself in dangerous situations, as he has a very curious nature. The bundle of stark white fur loves to give bear hugs and is overly affectionate, even with strangers! He was rescued from a questionable research facility in the icy tundra of Frostmaw, and after many near-death experiences, it's been determined that he's immortal. The scientists must have frozen the cub at twelve weeks old, as he doesn't appear to age or grow any larger than when he was first adopted. Previously cared for by Lanara, he's since been given to Khitti to be watched over.