Fiery Nautical Star Tattoo

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Fiery Nautical Star Tattoo - (Armor: Wrist +8 bonus)
Creator: Inked by Meri (OOCly created by Khitti)
Last Known Owner: Khitti

This tattoo mirrors the one she has on the left wrist, albeit with warmer colors and the opposite element (instead of cool colors/water). The points of this star are red and black, contrasting the water star. This star is also engulfed in flames, colored in vibrant reds and oranges, which stretch up the wrist a few inches, forming a tail. It almost looks like a fireball shooting down Khitti's wrist.


This, as well as two other tattoos, was inked by Meri not long after Khitti and the psion first met, back when Khitti was still a vampire. The fire star on her right wrist represented her love for Brand, while its mirror (the water star on her left wrist) was dedicated to Dominic (Brand's former other half;an entity created by a fractured mind thanks to some really heavy trauma in Brand's past). Despite Dominic melding back into Brand not long after Khitti got the tattoos, the sentiment still remains--while Brand favors fire out of all his elemental magic, water/ice is certainly his next strongest.