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Famous Players

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Here will be a list of those who have been deemed: Legendary, Famous, Infamous, Villainous, or those of that have attained a high stature amongst the player base of Hollow. (Whether it is Hollow 1, 2, or 3).

To get a name on this list, please send a submittal about why you think this person should be included and which race this person will go under to any of the admins.


  • Demont Roussai
    • Began as a Vampire character. Involved in many significant RPs in Hollow History. Eventually returned as an Avian and began working with Shaelus/Solaris in the Avian Empire.
    • Former Admin.



  • Talaryn
    • Originally the son of Blaze. Disowned his father and, in a strange event, became the true son of Solaris. Evil Draconian tyrant who headed and participated in several clans, all of which were created to terrorize Hollow. One great rival was Dante. Very powerful character.
    • Former Admin.


  • Kaizer
    • One of the two infamous Dread Lords. Reigned alongside Solaris, another Dread Lord, for many years. Involved in the clan Forsaken Knights and spearheads several major RPs within Hollow history. Married to Jade and sealed by Arrecation.
    • Former Admin.
  • Solaris
    • The other Dread Lord along with Kaizer. Proclaimed to be the more violent and ruthless of the two. Many do-gooders attempted to defeat him, including but not limited to Alexander, Dante, Griffin, etc.. Exiled himself to Hollow's Hell until returning as the Avian Shaelus.
    • Former Admin.
  • Dragun
    • A prominent 'good' character within Hollow. The figurehead of Distant Power and its later incarnation, Remnants of Power. Lovingly nicknamed 'Gun' by several players associated with him, and several not.
  • Rudra
    • Founding member of the clan Forsaken Knights. Powerful character and generally associated with standing alongside Solaris and Kaizer. The Rune of Oberyl, formerly in the possession of Aurican the elf, is passed to Rudra. He then becomes the third, and final, Avatar of Arrecation.
  • Vgfh of the Flaming Claw
    • Former Admin
  • Blaze
    • Originally the son of Solaris. Later disowned by his father. Was one of the three "angels" alongside Saltire and Lyra.
    • Former Admin


  • Hemlock and Barvalone, of House Me'Qui'Undos
    • Hemlock was a lecherous assassin and Barvalone, a mysterious battle mage/spell blade. Both were tyrant villains hellbent on taking over clans, terrorizing cities, and killing countless people. Continued their reign until Hemlock was struck down by Lyra and Barvalone met the same fate by Dante's hands.
  • Keter, of House D'Artes
    • Keter started life as a benevolent figure who fled the Underdark due to attitudes in opposition with the Matriarchy, and became a ranger upon the surface. He fought to protect the Kingdom of Enchantment and worked to defeat matriarchal control among the Drow. He eventually became largely evil after possession by the cursed E'et Nilah Blade, and the subsequent disappearance of his wife. Late in his life, Keter finally achieved his lifetime dream to defeat the Matriarchy and establish Patriarchal rule within the Underdark. Upon obtaining the ancient Soulstone of Orvaac, Knight of Eurydel, a psychological break induced by the competing possessions ultimately led to his suicide.
    • Former Admin.
  • Tiphareth, of House D'Artes
    • A powerful mage recognized as being among the strongest arcane practitioners to ever walk Hollow's surface... or the Underdark. The drow is known for a number of feats, some including; leading the Drow city of Trist'oth as head of House D'Artes, achieving the lofty goal of Lichdom, exiling the entire wood-elf race from Sage Forest, leading the Mage's Guild as Archmage, ... and killing many of those who have opposed him.
    • Sr. Admin



  • Fertangle
    • King of the Dwarven city of Craughmoyle.
    • Former Admin
  • Myrall
    • Queen of the Dwarven city of Craughmoyle and notable Master Healer.
    • Admin
  • Nelmarious
    • Long ago this man was the partner of Alexander Asan'ti and famously had his soul removed by the avatars of Arrecation for incurring their wrath.
  • Dergious
    • A cold and calculating Duergar Dwarf, known for his fowl mouth, crude behaviour and most notably for an uncanny talent in manipulating others.


  • Kaethil & Shinnan Lyastri
    • Shinnan was master of Lyastri family and Kaethil was another Lyastri member. Neither were Lycan's, but they were given a wolf spirit which was used to turn into wolves. Famous for bringing a family of 'shifters' into Hollow. Shinnan was also married to Beron and her Glade is still the place where most wedding ceremonies are performed.
    • Former Admin
  • Silk
    • Married to Dante and involved in the clan Distant Power.
    • Former Admin
  • Algorath
    • Powerful leader of a clan alongside Suchevane. Housed Arrecation within his body upon Arrecation's return to Hollow. This continued until Solaris confronted him.
    • Former Admin.


  • Satoshi
    • Queen of Frostmaw and most notable Cryomancer in known history.




  • Vuryal - Shadow Gnome (circa 2007)
    • Powerful Spaciomancer/Chronomancer who once controlled half the world as Emperor of the Archomosian Empire, Now ascended to nearly God-like immortal status.
    • Former Admin

Half Elf

High Elf



  • Governor Donovan Keane of Rynvale
    • A former assassin turned hero after witnessing his unborn son being ripped from the womb of Valaria by Xaden. Often seen as the successor of Alexander with a weapon comparable to Runeblade. Led several clans through Hollow History. Aided in spearheading the resistance against Elazul and Khasad. Eventually retired to Rynvale and subsequently left the land once his injuries became too severe to continue fighting against the evil forces.
    • Former Admin
  • Lionel O'Connor
    • Another major hero character. Had a sword called Hellfire and earned his reputation by killing such villains as Immanuel, Xaden, Valarus, and several others. Was married to Alexiasis. Stood against any and all evil within Hollow.
    • Former Admin.
  • Alexander Asan'ti (Half Human Phoenix Hybrid)
    • One of the most prominent good heroes in the history of Hollow. Founder of the clan Seekers of the Inner Flame alongside his wife, Xaka. Spent his years fighting against Kaizer and Solaris among other evil forces. Famously defeated Lyra, Immanuel, Crisiant, and Terces.
    • Former Admin
  • Xaka of the Seekers of the Inner Flame
    • A champion of good and wife of Alexander A'shanti. co founded the clan "Seekers of the Inner Flame".
  • Qengho Lyastri
    • A powerful human within the Lyastri family. Brother to Shinnan and famously married to Stitch at one point, though it did not last.
  • Jaidin Traye Koirihn
    • Former Admin
  • Jacklin, Queen of Larket
    • A powerful human warrior. Originally worked through the ranks of Cateran Rebels and became general within the clan. Fought on the side against Solaris and Kaizer. Led several clans throughout Hollow's history. Attempted to smuggle important documents from the hands of Dante and received substantial torture in return. Eventually turned from the good path and began her born-to-be career as Executioner and clan terrorizer. Became a general for several regions, most notably in Venturil, and continued to hone her skills. In later years she has settled into role as Queen of Larket.
    • Former Admin.
  • Parsithius, King of Larket
    • A powerful human knight. Originally from Rynvale, and has been known to have joined several different clans in search of more challenging battles and foes. Half-brother of Leoxander. Both fought and served under Vuryal, and his empire. Forced the Duergar to a surrender at Sage, before having to vacate the area into the hands of the elves due to lack of further supples. Eventually came into the service of, engaged to, and finally married Jacklin. King of Larket.
    • Former Admin.


  • Eboric, Titan of Winter
    • A werebear warlord and King of Venturil; noted for his skill in combat, including becoming champion of the first annual Titans of Winter Tournament. Rumored to have a penchant for egg salad sandwiches and bacon.
    • Admin.
  • Leoxander, Captain of the Eternity
    • A rogue, pirate character. Integral part of Eldritch Cabal. Formerly married to Lady Joliette "Tenebrae" Thorne. Later Killed by the Lichdrow Tiphareth.




  • Gruz, King of the Gamorgian Ogres


  • Dimi
    • Powerful orc character.
    • Former Admin.
  • Movdon
    • Shapeshifter with the primary form of an Orc. Once held several of the Seals until they were done away with by the Ascendi.


  • Thea
    • A former slave turned Druid who rose to be among the most powerful and well known practitioners of natural magic within the land. Queen of The Kingdom of Enchantment.




  • Xaden
    • A powerful undead abomination. Had potent necromancer abilities and stole a lot of souls that he killed. Was first killed by Rylan, resurrected, and then killed again by Lionel after spreading further chaos.
  • Diiroehn
    • An extraordinarily powerful lich. First seen in the Cabal, before eventually forming various cults and factions of his own. Raised several armies of undead soldiers, numbering the hundreds of thousands, and often fought for and against both good and evil. Sought god'dom, but was eventually absorbed into Solaris' being after becoming his avatar.
  • Ryeanna Drakenheart
    • Machiavellian Undead Elf who arrived in Hollow as a high elf vampire but was gifted her soul back for aiding the goddess Delisha and used the soul to become a Lich. Has manipulated and aided many individuals and organisations to serve her hidden agenda known only “The Restoration”. She has been involved both visibly and behind the scenes in several key events including the founding of the original Empire of Archmosia and was used as a pawn by the deity Cire during the Bloom of Chaos. Created a race of ratmen called The Fermin and founded The Forsaken Elf race by combining the remnants of The Sylvan Concordat with dispossessed High Elves.(Originally known as Rya.)
    • Former Admin
  • Redhale
    • Long-time ruler of the Undead hordes of Vailkrin. Sources say that he is "freakin' creepy, and has essentially been the lord of all undead in Vailkrin for a long time."
    • Sr. Admin


  • Atropos Suru D'Chath
    • Another member of the Lyastri family. While in Hollow she founded and co-founded several clans. Had a long history of romantic involvement with several prominent characters such as Lionel and Hecek. Very manipulative.
    • Former Admin.
  • Lord Dante
    • One of the more central Vampire characters in the history of Hollow. Was leader of the clan Coven at one point in time. Dante was considered a good character, but with incidents of chaos at various points. He led the vampire war against the Elves as well. Married to Silk with a daughter named Sefyre and son Saltire. Dante's Throne, one of the highest points in Hollow, lies west of Venturil.
    • Former Admin.
  • Eilan, mother of vampires
  • Immanuel
    • Tyrant vampire villain and dark mage. Most famous for the murder of Lyra along with several other prominent figures. Feared by most of Hollow and eventually destroyed by the hand of Lionel. His only notable soft spot was for his wife, Alexiaisis.
  • Lady Jade
    • Powerful vampire character. Was married to both Dread Lords at one point in time. During the sealing of Kaizer, Jade was given three Soulstones to find worthy warriors to carry them. Jade later gave the soulstones to Solaris and the three angels were born: Saltire, Lyra, and Blaze.
    • Former Admin
  • Lyra D'Allisaire
    • Dark mage. On of the three angels alongside Blaze and Saltire. Was given the reigns of Forsaken Knights and led the clan for several more years. Was keeper of Kaizer's forsaken scythe which could harm or kill immortals. Most famously killed Suchevane and Hemlock. Met her end at the hands of Immanuel. Married to Arkim and later Valzain.
  • Nasada
    • Necromancer. Vampiric demon. Famously cheated death and returned from the afterlife numerous times through trickery and other rituals from evil individuals. Led The Damned and was a fixture in many other dark, evil clans too. Aligned himself with Kaizer and Solaris during several events. Nasada stood against all good in Hollow.
  • Serfius
    • Another evil character. Often associated with characters such as Talaryn and Nasada. Had a long history of killing players. Was eventually killed by Barvalone.
    • Former Admin
  • Lady Tenebrae
    • Famous leader of the clan Eldritch Cabal and Master Necromancer who Leads the Necromancer's Guild. Formerly married to the pirate Leoxander.

  • Kasyr Azakhaer (Vampiric Revenant)
    • Powerful Revenant and Leader of the Vampiric population within Vailkrin.
  • Rheven
    • Now human, Rheven achieved the near impossible feat of regaining his mortality after living for years as a Revenant vampire. Elevated to his position by Vakarash, Rheven ascended through the ranks of service under Vuryal until he rivaled and possibly surpassed him in power. Womanizer, has been married several times. After many years of leadership and titles, Rheven grew weary of such things and chose to abdicate his Kingship of Venturil, passed on his title of Archmage, and regained his humanity from the grips of vampirism. Famously defeated Blaze and has only recorded a single loss in countless duels.