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Emerald Dragon of Whim

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This page describes a Custom Item. To see rules and pricing to create your own, go to Customs Price List.
Emerald Dragon of Whim - (Weapon)
Creator: Unknown
Last Known Owner: Satoshi, the Assassin's Guild, Kasyr, Hildegarde DESTROYED

Hardly an impressive item at first glance, seeming to be nothing more than a small cylinder of emerald, carved through with dragon-shaped runes. It's only after the emerald handle is gripped that the enchantment is revealed. With no more than a thought, the emerald will transform into a weapon best suiting its owner's need, from a longsword, to a staff, a wand, an axe, and all in between--with only the handle and its markings remaining unchanged. A powerful sense of honor and pride come with the weapon's awakening, much like the dragons of old. However, legend has it that calling on this mutable weapon frequently--or of one too large--will give the owner a darker dragon's avaricious, aggressive mindset, and eventually the rest of the dragon's body--only, this 'new' saurian is no larger than its original form was.


One of the twelve cursed gemstone items found in the strange ruins beneath Frostmaw. The story of their creators is thus far unknown, but one truth of the items is that each holds the power to corrupt their holder if misused. It is said that the items are able to seek each other when separated, whether this is true or not is yet to be seen.

It has passed hands as many times as it has changed shape, and was last held by the knight Hildegarde after being gifted to her by Kasyr Azakhaer. In the knight's hand, Whim met its demise, as the essence and curse of the weapon served as part of Hildegarde's strength in vanquishing the Empath Wyrm.

Part of the Assassin's Guild Quest Arc