Duel:Kelovath v Vuryal

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The Stakes

If Kelovath wins, he gets a wraithen-virus cure, able to cure any wraith of the wraith virus. If Vuryal wins, Kelovath becomes a wraith thrall.

The Judges

Derry, Valentin and Leigh (mid)


Larket Arena

The Duel

Vuryal enters into the arena as he steps through a rip in time and space, the blackened figure pushing out of the fabrics of time to enter into the foray of battle this day. The fiend stands there, amber stoned topped staff clasped tightly in his right hand as fiery driven eyes narrow in upon the paladin. “I will have my revenge this day, poppet,” spews from his mouth like poisoned molasses spilling over the sides of a mason jar. The chronomancer stamps his staff upon the ground twice, the first one to test the arena’s floor, the second to send the stone atop his staff alight in a brilliant display of golden tones that fill the area with its wondrous radiance. Quickly, the molecules of sand and stone beneath both combatants begins to transform, turning into a thick layer of glass that provides little resistance to friction now. Once the entire arena flooring has transformed, another flash of light happens, emanating from its epicenter atop Vuryal’s staff. Bursts of crimson and gold intertwine with one another as the molecular bonds that makeup the atmosphere of Hollow begins to collapse. The heat riddles even the flesh of the fiend, its intensity tremendous as it sudden snakes towards the paladin. In seconds, it wraps about Kelovath like a giant boa constrictor, encircling the human before it begins to grow in intensity and width, seeking to flambé’ the prey of the chronomancer and provide a tasty treat for his wraiths.

Kelovath had traveled quite a long way since yesterday. After the battle outside of Kelay Tavern, there was extensive healing done to the paladin. More obvious than not, he was not at the level he needed to be for this fight. Hopefully, Arkhen will truly be with him today. He would need him. Standing on the opposite side of where Vuryal now stands, Kelovath eyes the parasite, giving no response when spoken too. His sword is unsheathed slowly as the Timelord begins his attack. The holy knight of Arkhen starts his own bit of magic once the surrounding area transforms. Speaking quickly and silently, the paladin unleashes his own blast of magic, starting from his sword, which is then side-thrown right at the constrictor and once it would pass threw the snake, it would head for the Timelord. Kelovath also pulls the shield from his back and lowers himself slightly to the ground. The shield is then brought backwards somewhat and forcefully launched at the Timelord at a slight angle, aiming to circle in from the side, with the somewhat weakened blast of light magic coming straight on.

Vuryal sneers at the oncoming magical enchantment lofted his way by the paladin. Pushing out with his staff, the fiend displaces a bit of gravity in front of him, directly impacting the spell as it seems to waver before dispelled completely into the mirrored surface. As the paladin’s spell reflects off the hardened ground and into the stands, the chronomancer catches sight of the tosses shield, though much to late. Impacted squarely in his abdomen, Vuryal is driven back by the might and the lack of friction to stop. Stamping his staff once more, he manages to stop himself as the next assault is produced from the stone. Before it is unleashed, the fiend strikes the ground once more beneath him, sending shards of glass all about in various sizes, some even into his legs that allow black vitae to leak onto the mirror and sizzle. The amber stone erupts once more, the pieces of razor sharp glass rising with due diligence. Vuryal pushes his staff forward, tilting it towards Kelovath with a renewed vigor, the inches thick pieces of all shapes and diameters hurtling towards the paladin like a bad dream.

Kelovath was actually more worried about his magic being shot off into the crowd, rather than the Timelord. Costly mistake that was. Most of the glass was easily dealt with by his armor. They smashed into his armored chest and legs and arms, but his head, being unprotected, took basically all of the damage. His left ear was cut and bleeding, as were both of his cheeks. One, larger than most, piece of glass and swiftly avoided by using the blunt end of his sword to simply send it in a different direction. More than likely, also into the stands. Seeing the Timelord now on the defensive, Kelovath once again builds up more of his light magic into his sword and sends another side-thrown wave of magic at the Timelord, but along with the first swipe of his longsword, another swipe, and another, were cut through the air and sent towards the Parasite. With the final cut and wave sent Vuryal's way, Kelovath kneels onto the glass below him and begins to once again build up magic for the next attack.

Vuryal eyes the scene playing out before him with the utmost attention, the shards of glass flailing about widely on and off the paladin. The magical assault by Kelovath is paid just as much mind as they come flowing towards the fiend. Breaking his own body down, the creature corrupts his body so that it lies flat upon the ground below, hugging it as the spells hurl above him. Each time, a bit of flesh sizzles as the attacks are painful even in close proximity to the fiend of total darkness. Rather than reemerge into this deadly game of cat and mouse, Vuryal allows his body to glide atop to the surface of the glass, encroaching upon his prey like a bad horror movie. As he draws within a few feet of the paladin, the fiend appears as if rising from the grave. As the chronomancer does so, more shards of glass erupt and spew themselves towards Kelovath as the Time Lord prepares his staff for the next assault. The glow from the stone shines brightly as the weapon is swung towards the human. As it pierces through the air, it begins to polymorph into a hideous scimitar, black steel racing towards the abdomen of the paladin as more pitch-black fluid begins to leak from the fiend’s body and pool upon the ground below.

Kelovath honestly could not believe his eyes. Never before had he seen someone simply...Become mist. That was the only way he could think of it. Whether his attacks connected or not, the sight was stunning. Keeping himself lowered to the ground, the paladin lifts his armored forearms to protect his face from the shards of glass once again forcing their way at him. A large piece finally finds its way through his armor and lodges itself into his arm. At least it wasn't his head this time. Either way, the amount of pain was enormous, even compared to his hand being frozen just yesterday. The holy servant of Arkhen hadn't a clue that Vuryal was within smacking range. Just in time, Kelovath was able to lift his sword and parry the black steel of the scimitar racing at him. As soon as the blades connected though, the paladin's holy enchanted longsword exploded with a holy flame along the actual blade, sending a strong blast of pure holy magic into the wielder of the scimitar, Vuryal. The blast would also send Kelovath sliding back and away from the Timelord, thanks to the glass flooring, putting plenty of distance between himself and the parasite.

Vuryal whirls backwards as the holy blast is extremely powerful upon the fiend’s flesh. Dropping the staff-turned-sword, the creature slides upon the frictionless surface as his hands go up to his face. The light was piercing to the creature, his eyes momentarily blinded as the blackened flesh of the fiend begins to blister from the intense purity of the release. The infectious blood of the creature leaks out as those blisters pop with an eerie buzz, littering the ground with its lethality to mortal flesh. Stunned to say the least, the chronomancer drops to his knees as he squints to try to regain some semblance of sight.

The Aftermath

Vuryal slowly begins to rise, finally gaining some sight back as he squares that malicious gaze upon the paladin. "I've had enough of this, poppet..." he loosens into the battlefield. And with that, Vuryal raises both of his arms up into the air, each globule of blood upon the surface of this arena rising. The fiend then throws his arms towards Kelovath, the contagious blood flailing towards the paladin. As it begins to splatter upon his form, some of the vitae finds itself tossed into his nostrils, ears, and eye sockets along with upon the human's lips. Within seconds, the mixture invades the human's blood system, beginning the end of the paladin known as Kelovath and starting the transformation to wraith thrall.

Kelovath started to stand and brace himself for the Timelord's next attack, but upon hearing that the parasite was done with the battle, the paladin knew nothing good was going to be coming his way. Instinctively, the paladin lifted his arms to defend against the blood, but you can't exactly defend yourself from a liquid. Let alone a liquid being controlled. Almost instantly, the blood finds its way into the body of Kelovath, which is the start of the transformation.