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It contains important info about this race.

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Official Races of Hollow

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This is where I am going to write up the proposed new centaur page. It is not official until I move it to the main folder. Feel free to add comments to the Discussion page.

Centaur Profile

Plains/Forest/Desert Centaur Draft Centaur Mountain Centaur
Life Expectancy: 500 - 800 450 - 750 500 - 800
Homeland: Varies by tribe
Average Height: 7'6" - 8'4" 9' - 10' 6'8" - 7'6"
Avg Wither Height (in hands): 13.5 - 15 16.2 - 18 12 - 13.5
Average Weight: 800 - 1100 lbs 1700 - 2300 lbs 600 - 900 lbs
Preferred Classes: Bard, Ranger, Druid Bard, Warrior, Ranger Bard, Ranger, Priest
Classes this race can be: Warrior, Priest, Mage, Ranger, Illusionist, Necromancer, Druid
Preferred Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good
Preferred Weapons: Long sword, Bow, Polearm Great sword, Polearm, Bow Bow, Long sword
Aggression Level: Varies by tribe
Intelligence Level: Highly Intellectual
Magic Rating: Low
Strength Rating: Very Strong
Weak Against: Thunder, Psychological Attack
Strong Against: Physical Attack
Related Races: None
Allied Races: Dryads, Elves, Pixies
Enemy Races: Orcs, Undead, Humans Frostmaw Giants, Dwarves Dwarves


Basic description

Centaurs are a blend between a human and a horse, producing the half-human, half-horse hybrid. They have four hoofed feet, a tail, the fur coat of some horse breeds, and from the waist up, appear human. There are some small differences however; as well as human-like hair on their head, they also have a 'mane' that runs from their head down along their neck and spine and onto their withers. These creatures tend to tower over many other races and seem to emanate raw physical power. They are far more physically powerful than most creatures, having much more body mass as well as a very strong center of balance. Centaurs tend to have very lean muscles and are always free of any fat, unlike the humans or Elves. In order to compensate for the differentiating body mass between a human and a horse, centaurs are born with four lungs, four kidneys, two hearts, and two livers as well as simply having one large stomach and intestinal tract. The larger lungs housed in the horse half of the centaur are primarily used for breathing while the second pair are in their (human) chest which assists in speech.

Breeds of Centaur

The centaur race has surprisingly many different breeds considering their comparatively low population size. The reason behind this is that there is almost no crossbreeding or intermixing between the tribes, nor do they tend to travel outside their given habitat. As a species, they are so good at living at one with the land and off of it's bounty that there is rarely a need to move for fresh resources, for even the tribes who live in the harshest climes.

Plains Centaur

This is the 'standard' breed of centaur. More tribes consist of this breed than any other. With the large Turrothian tribe located just off the trade routes between Kelay, Cenril and Gualon also helps make this breed the most commonly seen by non-Centaurs. One of the favored tactics of these centaurs is to gallop past an enemy force at full speed, launching volley after volley of arrows at them as they go, leaving the enemy with many casualties and unable to catch them.

Forest Centaur

Not very different from the Plains Centaur, this breed tends to be a little bit smaller but more nimble than the Plains breed. Forest centaurs are well practiced at galloping between trees and bushes and at making aimed shots with their bows through even the densest cover, nearly rivalling even the elves' legendary marksmanship.

Desert Centaur

Acclimated to the harsh dry climate of the desert, these centaurs are excellent runners, fleet of foot and long on endurance.

Draft Centaur

Originating in the icy north, where bulk helps insulate a body, and muscle mass helps pull a plow through the frozen soil, this breed is by far the largest of all the centaurs, reaching up to 10 feet in height and length and more than 3000 pounds (1.5 tons). They are able to carry, lift, or tow incredibly heavy loads. They have thick tails, hair and manes, as well as long strands of hair around their feet (called feathers), all to protect them from snow and wind.

Mountain Centaur

Making their living in the steep and narrow passes of the mountains and isolated plateus and valleys, these centaurs are the smallest breed of centaurs on average, although some individuals may be larger than members of other breeds. They are nimble and sure-footed as a rule, and capable of carrying heavy loads over high mountain passes, although speed is not their forte.


Centaurs all tend to have very strong egos. Unconsciously, perhaps, they generally believe that centaurs are one of the best races. After all, they have size, strength, speed, intellect and longevity, all equal to or greater than those of the other major races, such as humans, elves, dwarves, and orcs. Dragons put a bit of a dent in this opinion, but they deal with it like all other races do, mostly by consoling themselves with the knowledge that dragons are very scarce. Most centaurs are rather isolationist, preferring to keep their tribes away from other races, as sheer numbers could overwhelm them in any conflicts. Centaurs have a strong attachment to their tribe and their race. In some ways, it is not inaccurate to ascribe a bit of a herd mentality to the race, although combined with their egotism and stubbornness it makes them difficult for non-centaur to understand sometimes.

Centaur Society

Centaur society can be rather chaotic, and difficult for an outsider to follow. Typically centaur do what they want, yet somehow all of the tasks necessary for the tribe to survive and flourish get done each day, even if unpleasant.

Order of Power

Centaur rise through the ranks according to their interest and ability. Centaur listen to and follow those who they respect and who they think has the best ideas, with the tribe following the majority opinion. In human societies, this would be an open invitation to civil war as cliques and groups would form and fight over who would be in charge. But due to the centaur's attachment to his tribe, it almost never rises past the level of a spirited debate. At worst, it can result in the formation of a 'Wild Tribe'.

Wild Tribes

Wild Tribes are small bands of centaur that split off from the main tribe for almost any reason. They rarely stray too far from the main tribe and often stay in regular contact with friends and family within it. Rarely larger than 50 to 100 centaur, these groups are a natural outlet for the free-spirited centaur, while still allowing them the comfort of a tribe. They rarely last for more than 5 or 10 years before enough members return to the main tribe after the original reason for splitting off becomes less important over time.

Wild tribes often find out the hard way why centaur tribes are the safest mode of existence. Smaller bands of centaur without a full tribe around to back them up can be tempting targets for marauders, armies, or other large predators.

Centaur Games


Racing is a popular pastime among the Plains Centaurs, with many wagers being made over who will be the fastest over a particular course. And it is not always racing over flat ground - oftentimes the courses will be laid out over difficult terrain chosen to test the racers speed, agility and balance. Occasionally a non-centaur will attempt to compete in one of these races, but rarely manage to do well. No mere rider on a mount can compete on an equal basis with someone who is the mount.

A rather brutal variation on this sport is Ceurradir, which loosely translates to 'no-holds barred racing'. Over a predetermined course, the competitors strive to be the first over the finish line, just as in normal racing. The difference is that the only rule is 'No weapons, no magic'. Any other way to slow your opponents or move past them is legal. Tripping, beating, teaming up, all of it is legal. Also, improvised weapons are allowed. These competitions are not supposed to be fatal, but accidents are not infrequent. Those caught breaking the single rule are treated very harshly by centaur society, with expulsion and permanent exile one of the more lenient punishments.


Popular with all breeds of centaurs, archery contests are quite common. Ranging from distance contests to accuracy contests, they love to compete and compare their skills with the other centaurs. This is one of the rare ways an outsider can earn an introduction into centaur society, by doing well in an archery contest. Due to their larger size, strength and arm length, centaur bows are larger than those of the main races, with correspondingly longer ranges and stronger stopping power.


Wrestling is popular amongst all the breeds, but especially so with the Heavy Centaur breeds. Centaur wrestling is an odd combination of sumo and arm wrestling. The two centaurs grapple with each other, attempting to either shove the other outside the circle or overbear their opponent and bend their torso backwards onto their own body. Size and strength are very important in this sport, so it is definitely dominated by the Draft breeds.

Centaurs & Religion

Centaurs & Other Races

Centaurs do not generally spend much time in the company of the other races. Overall they are a very isolationist and superior race. Of all the other races, they do tend to get along best with the faes: Pixies, Dryads, and to a lesser extent, Elves. Humans are tolerated at best, depending on how polite they are. The various evil races are generally despised, especially Orcs, as the orcs tend to raid in large numbers, which the centaur tribes can have trouble holding back without being overrun.

Of special note are the predator races, Lycans and Vampires. Both races tend to view centaurs as large and tasty meals, and the centaurs resent this. Lycan packs working in their territory are aggressively hunted and driven away. With their vulnerability to mental magics, vampires are a particular worry. When a centaur is discovered to be being preyed upon by a vampire, virtually the entire tribe will mobilize in an attempt to hunt down and brutally murder the vampire responsible, as an example and warning to others of their kind. Few vampires live to an old age in centaur territories. The smarter ones leave, while those who stay usually end their lives being trampled and torn to pieces by a bloodthirsty centaur herd.

Centaur History

Famous Centaurs

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