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Dark Phoenix

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This page contains content currently controversial among the player base. Use it at your own risk. Some players will accept it, others will not.
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Race Rules
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Dark Phoenix Race Profile

Life Expectancy: Varies, Incalculable, Possibly Unknown, N/A
Homeland: Volcanoss (Pronounced VOL-CAIN-OSS!)
Average Height: 5'-7'
Average Weight: 100lbs – 255lbs
Preferred Classes: Pyromancer, Druid, Mage, & Illusionist
Classes This race can be: Pyromancer, Electromancer, Priest, Druid, Mage, Spell Blade (Often Magma Bladers, Spell Blades of Fire), Ranger, Illusionist, & Bard
Preferred Weapons: Snakeswords (A Special type of Weapon in Volcanoss, A Cross between a Whip and a Sword), Staves, Wands, & Books
Perferred Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil (With Chaotic Evil being by far the most preferred as well as by far the most likely!)
Aggression Level: Ranging Anywhere from Normal to Extremely Aggressive
Intelligence Level: Mystical
Combat Style: Magic
Magic Rating: Mystical
Magic Type: Dark Pyromancy Magic, and Some Healing, Curative, and Restorative Magic
Strength Rating: Average (However this is made up for by their Tremendous speed)
Speed Rating: Very Fast
Weak Against: Water, Ice, Holy, & Light
Strong Against: Fire, Darkness, Illusions, & Most Magic (Except Water, Ice, Holy, & Light!)
Related Races: Avian, & Human
Allied Races: Human, Forsaken Elf, Naga, & Vampire
Enemy Races: Avian (Mainly the Pure-Breed ones that are not Half-Breeds.)
Special Qualities: Dark Phoenix Transformation-When a Dark Phoenix Character Transforms, they Always Transform into a Dark Phoenix which is way Bigger than their Normal Form!
Fire-Breathing-Like most Dragons, This Race can breathe fire both in Normal form and in Dark Phoenix form, although more often than not the Dark Phoenix Form likely does it more and is bigger!
Fire-Eater-It comes with the Territory and the Race, They have a Knack for eating Fire!
Healing Feathers-Just like the Feathers of a Phoenix can heal, the Dark Phoenix are no Different hear except theirs is Dark!

Dark Phoenix Physiology

Dark Phoenix are always one part Dark Phoenix, and one part of another Race, that other race usually being Human or Elf, however others could include Feline, Drow, Forsaken Elf, or in the rarest cases, Pixie or Fairie. All of them are born in some hot and fiery environment and wings and feathers, as well as their Dark Phoenix form are Dark Colored, they are usually the size of an average human, elf, or Avian, some may be taller, and some shorter, but they are definitely shorter than Dragons, Giants, Ogres, Minotaurs, and Trolls, The Dark Phoenix always have wings, both in their normal form and their Dark Phoenix Form, their Dark Phoenix form is always way bigger than their normal form. They always have strange type voices, mainly British or Russian, alien like and cryptic type accents, and each come with their own sets of traits and features, for example, the normal Dark Phoenix ones usually have crimson wings and a crimson dark phoenix form, there is also the Black Phoenix where the wings and the Dark Phoenix form is Black, The Dark Blue Fire Phoenix has black wings and a Black Phoenix form with Dark Blue Flames, Ditto with The Dark Green, Dark Red, Dark Purple, Dark Pink, Dark Orange & Dark Gold Fire Dark Phoenix too. There is also the Dark Shock Dark Phoenix, reigning Electricity all over its body in both forms. All of the Dark Phoenix can light themselves on fire in both their Normal form and their Dark Phoenix form on their Entire Bodies. In Normal forms, they always have wings that match the color of their Dark Phoenix Form, Their Attire usually matches it as well, and their Hair is usually either that same color, Some form of Red, Blue, Blonde, Pink, Green, Black, or a mixture of Hair color, They are almost always light skin in their normal form, although the dark skinned do exist. They always have a strange tendency for the Hot things and dislike of the Cold Things as part of their Fiery Nature, They do well to stay away from Cold Areas, and Cold Water, as after all, all of the Dark Phoenix are born with at least one Fire element, and due to being a Phoenix, they also know at least a little bit of Healing.

Dark Phoenix Psychology

The Dark Phoenix Type are fiery and hot and warm blooded. They are pretty much the opposite of their Goodly and Icy Brethren, The Avians. The Dark Phoenix are of Fire Element as is their Homeland of Volcanoss, They are of Dark Fire, and the Majority of them Are Evil Aligned, Just as The Phoenix is Good Aligned, The Dark Phoenix are Evil Aligned, Most of them have Chaotic Tendencies, there are a few Neutral ones here and there. But The Majority of the Dark Phoenix race are Chaotic Evil. They can also be strange and Bizarre at times too, They are one of the many races of the hot, fire, and lava land of Volcanoss, which all of the races of Volcanoss are fire types of one form or another, The Dark Phoenix perfer Darker and hotter places such as Volcanoes, Dark Caverns with Dark Lava, and the like. Despite their Fiery and at times Chaotic Nature, they can almost always often get along with most of the other Races of Hollow. However There is one that they do frown upon, that being their Goodly Brethren, The Avians. Mostly the Avians that worship the Ancients and those who go by the So-Called text, and the ones who serve the fallen dread lords such as Shaelus/Solaris. And In turn, Most Avians find this race's ways, methods, nature, and history Chaotic, appauling, Repulsive, Inappropriate and uncalled for. It is the Pure Avians that are this races enemy, half-breeds such as Vampiric Avians and the like the Dark Phoenix do not have a Problem with. Unlike most Avians, Most Dark Phoenix, and most Volcanoss Residents for that matter really do not have those kinds of Rules they go by. They have a Desire to Expand and make Friends and Allies and Migrate into Hollow, They usually will not attack or burn things unless sitautions or times call for them. The Dark Phoenix, as well as almost all of the Races on Volcanoss, are, after all, a "Fiery Bunch!"

Dark Phoenix Society

A Fiery and Close Society are the Dark Phoenix, which is Key in Volcanoss. Fighting and etc. are allowed but not always happen, friendly battles are always allowed. Several Members, which are sworn in by Fan Voting that make up the body of the Political Base of the Dark Phoenix Community, and each term runs out after 5 years, in which a new set of people are voted in. no one cannot get more than one term in a row but may have more than one term total, they also depend on their People for Ideas and basically give "Fans Choice" Via Voting, The Heads of these are 7 Elders chosen by both peers and the People, all of this is to keep it going and continue on the Fiery Traditions, note that there is no such thing as "Executions", but "Burning" and "Melting" replace it!

Dark Phoenix Religion

In Volcanoss, There really was no such thing that they went by, it is also rumored that they never heard of the words "Prayer" and "Meditation", now however, some of the Hollowonian Dieties could had have an Impact in the foundation of Volcanoss, if it was, it was likely Lady Cire, The Goddess of Chaos, this however cannot be proven. If a Dark Phoenix wants to worship, they are free to do so, so who knows, only time will tell!

Dark Phoenix History

Many Ages ago and maybe even before Hollow Existed, The Beginnings of The Dark Phoenix happened on Volcanoss one day, when an Avian decided to make the Dangerous Trek to the hot and fiery lava planet of Volcanoss along with Helpers. They decided to Pursue A Group of Baby Phoenix to see if they could create something new, and also used baby humans, baby elves, baby felines, and at one point, a baby drow, although this was rare and only lasted like a minute at the time. It took several tries, days, and several redos, they even had to read, recite, review, and rewrite several times. They decided to use Soot and Ashes from dark places on Volcanoss, they succeeded, however an earthquake happened and Jars of very dark Crimson Lava broke as they hit the Specimen, this the Avian and his helpers did not intend nor want to happen, Through it all, the outcome was the beginning of the history of The Dark Phoenix races, as a female adult Dark Phoenix Elven Hybrid, and a male adult Dark Phoenix Human Hybrid were born or created, the goal was achieved, however it was not like as it was planned or intended, The Dark Phoenix began to Grow, Increase, Expand, Populate, Multiply and Being Known in Volcanoss as one of the races that used Dark Fire and began to expand Volcanoss more and increase it. The Enemies of the Dark Phoenix have always been their Icy and Goodly Brethren The Avians, mainly the ones who try to set strict rules on their race, worship these so-called Ancients and the like more so than the other Avians. As after the Avians that made the race either got burnt, left, or just vanished, The Dark Phoenix despised what the Avians had done in their So-Called Text and their rules of what and who you can and cannot be with. So Several Ages Ago and this could have been before Hollow was created, The Dark Phoenix had bouts with Avians that worshipped the Ancients in an undetermined place, and another race came to the aid and helped out the Dark Phoenix, and that race to a surprise to alot of others maybe, were of Course the Vampires. The Dark Phoenix were the Exact Opposite of The Avians and detested all that the Avians stood for. The Dark Phoenix love foods and Drinks that are Extremely Hot and Dispise Cold ones, they also will not get in water unless it is hot, boiling and Scalding. They Stay away from Cold Areas such as Frostmaw. Upon hearing of these lands of Hollow, the Race convened and agreed to start migrating there and merging in. Every time a Dark Phoenix goes from planet to planet, they are always encased in a giant dark colored meteorite with Flames around it. one Dark Phoenix has already been sent to hollow marking the first ever Dark Phoenix in hollow's history and the bringing of a new fire based race to hollow, at times, more are sure to follow to hollow in hopes of making their fire nation there, till then they stay in areas where it is hot and fiery with lava.

Dark Phoenix Species

Through the Ages, Dark Phoenix have Bred via normal or magical means, this has created several new types of Dark Phoenix with different sets of Traits, Characteristics, and the like. There are various types of Dark Phoenix hailing from Volcanoss, the list of these Dark Phoenix Below is as Follows!

Normal Types of Dark Phoenix

The following are the basic types of the Dark Phoenix that were produced in the Tests and often take up the majority of the population and race on Volcanoss, the list below of these Dark Phoenix are as follows.

Normal Dark Phoenix-The First ever type of this Race, you could say the Founders, the Cornerstones, and likely the ones who started it all for the Dark Phoenix as well as The Normal type of this Race. Also likely the most common of all the Dark Phoenix, they have dark crimson colored wings and feathers, their Dark Phoenix form is also Dark Crimson, very skillful at Magic. most of them tend to be Pyromancers!

Black Phoenix-The Main Illusionists of the Race. Also known as the Shadow Phoenix, The Black Fire and Shadows of the Race. They have Black Wings and Feathers, Their dark Phoenix form is all Black, including Talons and Claws, their Burning Body is Black Fire, their Lava is also Black. They are often Tricky and Deadly, and can use Shadows as Decoys, they can also be found making Shadows of other people, also Soul Stealers an Shadow Stealers. The Black Phoenix are always of an Evil Alignment as is almost the entire race and More often than not, The Black Phoenix are almost always Chaotic Evil.

Electro Dark Phoenix-A Special type of Dark Phoenix imbued with Thunder Magic, Mainly are Electromancers, They Have "Electric Body", and use Thunder and Lightning Breath, they can cause Electrocution, Shock and Short-Circuit, they are basically the "Electricity" of the Dark Phoenix.

Dark Blue Fire Dark Phoenix-Pretty much the Exact opposite of the Dark Red Fire Dark Phoenix. They are basically the Heavy Magic-Users of this race as they are the best Magic-Users, as well the Most Wise and Most Intelligent too. They are also masters of Hot, Scalding and Boiling Water. They are of any magic using Race. They are the third best Healers, the Second Best Illusionists and the Best Magic attackers. Their Hair, Lips, Eyes, Tongue, Wings, Feathers, Dark Phoenix Form (With Shining Dark Blue Talons, Claws, and Beaks), Fire, Lava and Burning Body are always Dark Blue. They are Masters of the Arcane of this race. However there is a price for being the Best Magic Users of this race, they are Psychically the weakest of the race and also the weakest in Melee terms as well. They are often the heads of The Schools of Magic and Magical Academies of their race in Volcanoss, their Breath and Smoke is always magical. Also their Dust is always Dark Blue. They are often Insane and oft times Unstable. They are Sorcerers and Sorceresses. They stay away from Melee only Duels and tournaments as they are the weakest in that department, and mostly prefer Magic Duels and Tournaments. They are the Numero Uno Mystic Wielders of the Dark Phoenix in Volcanoss. Most of the Dark Blue Fire Dark Phoenix tend to be Pyromancers. They are always of Chaotic Evil Alignment.

Dark Red Fire Dark Phoenix-Pretty much the exact opposite of the Dark Blue Fire Dark Phoenix. Basically the Fire Warriors/Fire Berserkers/Fire Tanks of this Race. In terms of Melee Strength, They are Number 1, but they have the Weakest Magic of all the Dark Phoenix. They are often bigger than most of, if not all of the other Dark Phoenix Type. Wings, Feathers, and Dark Phoenix form are Black with Dark Red Flames, their Fire, Burning Body, and Lava are always Dark Red. They are Psychically the strongest and Psychologically the Weakest of this race. They are the most likely to be the Most Aggressive, Most Barbaric Dark Phoenix with the most likely most Anger Problems. They have a huge preference for Melee duels, but are the least likely to have Magic Duels. They would be most likely to enter Melee Tournaments, however, do not expect them to enter any Magic tournaments. More likely than not, they will be Spell Blades with usually some sort of minor Pyromancy (A.K.A. Magma Bladers who are Spell Blades of Fire). It is also said that they are the best Cooks of this race. They are always of Chaotic Evil Alignment.

Dark Green Fire Dark Phoenix-The Main Healers of this race, they do the Best Healing of all the Dark Phoenix and are masters at it, The Head Healers are almost always at least some of these, They either have Dark Green Wings and Feathers with Black Fire or Black Wings and Feathers with Dark Green Fire, Their Flame Attacks, and Flaming Breath are always Dark Green with Lava being a Dark Green, Dark Red, or Black. More often than not, the Dark Green Fire Dark Phoenix are mainly Druids, Rangers, or Priests. Adept at Magic, their main focus is Healing, they are also the Medics and Resurrectiors of this Race, they are likely the Least Aggressive of this race also.

Dark Purple Fire Dark Phoenix-The Craftiest type and Basically The Chemists, The Herbalists, and Alchemists of this Race, and also the most likely to cause the most status effects. While they are adept at Healing, their main focus is to either cause a status effect or remove it, this goes for curses too. Their favorite type is Poison Fire and Toxic Fire. They always have dark purple wings, feathers, eyes, lips, tongue, hair, dark phoenix form (with beak, talons, and claws being a shiny dark purple), burning body, lava, flames, and smoke, their smoke is always toxic and poisonous, one of their abilities is always poison gas. The Purple Flaming Breath is Toxic and Poisonous, it is also called Bane Breath, It is said that they are the Shadiest, and most likely the Rogues, Thieves, Pharmacists, Smugglers, and Drug Dealers of this race. They can also be Doctors and Nurses too. They always have pills they use as weapons like Poison Pills and Explosion Pills. These are also the type that work in Labs to create these as well, so in a way, they are also the Scientists of this race, and more often than not, Mad Scientists!

Dark Pink Fire Dark Phoenix-Basically the Jack or Jane of all Trades Dark Phoenix Race. They are Decent at Melee, Ranged, and Magic Combat, as well as healing, basically equal in all statistics if you wanted to say that. Their Burning Body, Fire, Lava, Smoke, Wings, Feathers and Dark Phoenix Form are Dark Pink. What is odd is that their Beak, Claws, and Talons are either a shiny light blue or light purple or Both. Almost all Dark Pink Fire Dark Phoenix in their human forms have Pink Hair, Pink, Blue, or Purple eyes, and a Hot Pink Tongue. They are also the most Colorful, Most Bizarre, and Strangest Weirdos of this Race.

Dark Golden Fire Dark Phoenix-The Second Main healers of this race just right behind the Dark Green Fire ones, They are the Rangers of this race, they love to hunt, to Track, to heal, to practice and to find things. They are also the Treasurers and Explorers of this Race. Wings and Feathers are Dark Gold with Dark Golden Flames, their Dark Phoenix form is all Dark Gold, Including Talons and Beaks, They Have Dark Golden Flame, Dark Golden Lava, You could say that they are also "The Gold Standard" of this race.

Rare Types of The Dark Phoenix Species

This Sub-Species of the Dark Phoenix are Special and Rare, Very Hard to Come by. During Tests, it was possible that some sort of Special effects happened here and there but not often, so the list of these rare Dark Phoenix Characters below are as follows.

Hot Dark Chocolate Dark Phoenix-Its Strange and Rare, but this type of Dark Phoenix Race does exist, albeit very rare. Some are light skinned and others are dark chocolate skinned. They have dark chocolate wings, hair, lips, eyes, makeup, burning body, entire Dark Phoenix form, Lava, Gas, and Smoke, they smell like hot chocolate at often times as well. It is Said that they could be in charge of all the forms of Hot Chocolate, at times, they can ooze out hot dark chocolate lava, they also spew out hot chocolate ooze, they are highly adept at magic with their specialty being hot dark chocolate magic. By no means try to eat, drink or put Ice Cream on these Birds, otherwise the Ice Cream will melt and likely you along with it. Rumored to also be Sweet, and Bizarre, they often fall into the Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil Alignment, as they are one of the lesser aggressive types of the Dark Phoenix. Their Magic and Chocolate also has healing and Curative properties too, thus making Druid the most suggested class for these hot chocolate birds. Rumor has it that here was a dark brown lava fall hidden in a dark cave and a few of the Dark Phoenix accidentally fell in it while drinking Hot Chocolate and that's likely how this type came to be. Strange isn't It?

Acidic Dark Phoenix-Not as Rare, however not as Common, more Rare than Common are the Acidic Dark Phoenix. They Sport Black Wings, Feathers, and Dark Phoenix form with Dark Yellow Acidic Flames, Burning Body, Acid Flaming Breathe and Burning Body. They know Acid Rain, as well as Acid spit and Spew, while not poisonous, these Birds are highly acidic and should be approached with caution as they are often quiet hostile and aggressive. So Be on your Guard and Watch at all times for these Birds.

Phantasmal Dark Phoenix-Also known as both the Ghost Dark Phoenix, and the Spectral Dark Phoenix. This is the only race of the Dark Phoenix that can be considered Undead Spirits. Basically Haunting Apparitions that survey all of Volcanoss and can phase in and out, it is rumored that they can come in multiple colors. They love to dwell in the Darkest Places on Volcanoss, also very adept at Magic as a whole and love to make Illusions, often Tricksters too are these Ghost Birds.

Silver Fire Dark Phoenix-Is also known as the Silver Blaze Dark Phoenix. The best way to describe these is Uncommon, not really rare nor common either, so basically uncommon. They either come in Light Skinned, Dark Skinned, or Silver Skinned. In their normal form, They always sport Silver hair, Silver Eyes, Silver Lips, Silver Tongue, Silver Teeth, Black Wings and Feathers with Silver Fire. In their Dark Phoenix form. It is a Black Phoenix with Silver eyes, Beak, Talons, & Claws. They Spew out Silver Lava, Breathe Silver Fire, and Blow Silver Gas and Smoke. They can cause Sleep, Paralyzing, and Petrification. It is Said that they are Very Good Healers, Rangers and Hunters. This is likely the one type of Dark Phoenix that Lycans likely never wanna hear about, as after all, Lycans are weak to Silver.

Dark Phoenix Feline-Although Somewhat strange and Rare, not out of the Ordinary, this is a cross between a Dark Phoenix and a Feline of some type. The Feline form often tends to be lighter colored than their Dark Phoenix form. The Feline's Claws match the color of the Beak, Talons, and Claws of their Dark Phoenix form, it is said that these are also the fastest of this race and best at Dodging. While they are Extremely Rare, some however do exist in Volcanoss.

Dark Phoenix Titan-This is by far the biggest of this race, but it is also the Rarest of this race. They have the least speed out off all the Dark Phoenix. It is Mainly a Giant Sized Person with Gigantic dark colored wings, and their Dark Phoenix form is ultra Gigantic. They are also the least Intelligent of this race, this is by far the hardest Dark Phoenix to find as they are not only the Most Rare Dark Phoenix, but also the Rarest Race on Volcanoss period, and may be the rarest race in hollow's history are the Dark Phoenix Titans.

Dark Citric Acid Dark Phoenix-Another Rare form of Dark Phoenix, Also the "Orange" of the race, also called the The Dark Orange Citrus Flame Dark Phoenix. It is understood that they were first created with a Dark Citrus Fruit in Volcanoss Ages ago. They have Some form of Orange hair, Are Almost Always Light Skinned, Have Orange Eyes, Orange Lips, Dark Orange Feathers and Wings, Dark Orange Citrus Burning Body, Fire and Lava with Orange Acid. Their Dark Phoenix form is Black with Dark Orange Eyes, Beak, Talons, and Claws. Their Citrus can either be soothing, curative, or acidic. It is said that they are more Acidic, More Dangerous, and likely More Rare than the Acidic ones, they are not the "Oranges" you wanna eat, otherwise burns will happen, etc. The Dark Citric Acid Dark Phoenix are usually either Pyromancers, Druids, Rangers, Priests, or Mages, with Pyromancers being the most common of these and Druids the next.

Dark Celtic Irish Dark Phoenix-Another Rare type of this race. Also called the Fighting Irish Dark Phoenix. They are the "Leprechauns" and "Celtic Avengers" of this race. They are the only ones of this race to have an Irish accent of some kind. They are all Light Skinned, have either Green, Blue, Red, or Orange Hair, have Blue or Green Eyes, have either normal, red, blue or green lips, Dark Irish Bluish Green Wings, Feathers, Burning Body, Fire, and Lava. Their Dark Phoenix form is a Dark Bluish Green colored with Golden Eyes, Beaks, Claws and Talons. They are one of the most Aggressive, Barbaric, Chaotic, Angry, and Strongest types of Dark Phoenix as they are the "Berserkers" of this race and are always of Chaotic Evil Alignment. Almost all of the Dark Celtic Irish Dark Phoenix tend to be Spell Blades (A.K.A. Magma Bladers who are Spell Blades of Fire), or Priests, or maybe both. Do not try to steal their Pot of Gold or their Lucky Charms, or you may get burned!

Dark Spicy Hot Dark Phoenix-Also called the Dark Hot and Spicy Dark Phoenix. Being the hot land, Volcanoss, you guessed it is known for its spices and being spicy. It was rumored that the first one of these were created when mixing them with a type of spice found on Volcanoss, These Dark Phoenix are of the "Hot and Spicy" Variety, all aspects of them tend to be any of the dark spicy colors, all of their attacks and healing are spicy as well. It is rumored that they make the majority of the Spices on Volcanoss. Most of them tend to be Pyromancers. They also dabble in creation of Spicy Herbs and Spices. They are Spicy Hot Indeed!

Dark Phoenix Magical Items and Artifacts

These Six things listed below are the most sacred and most Treasured things in the history of the Dark Phoenix, they are also the six oldest things, this however, does not mean a Dark Phoenix Character has to have or will have all Six of them, although it is highly suggested and recommended, in fact, most of this race either has or will have all six of these, the list of the six below is as follows.

Dark Phoenix Insignia-Can be worn by Anyone. Mainly the Symbol and Logo of the Dark Phoenix Race, Usually a Black Phoenix, but can come in other dark colors too. All Dark Phoenix Characters have this in some shape, fashion, or form. Most people and fans of this race are likely to have this also. The Dark Phoenix Insignia is only created, found, and bought in the Dark Phoenix's hot, fiery, and lava homeland of Volcanoss.

Flaming Snakesword-A Special type of Magical, Ranged, and Melee Weapon and one of the first and oldest type of Weapons made in and exclusive to Volcanoss. This is mainly a cross between a whip and a sword. The creation of the very first one is when a Volcanoss Explorer stumbled upon a burning skeletal fire snake fossil in the lava. He decided to use a contraption and fetch it out of the lava. This gave him an Idea to create something new. Along with the skeletal fire snake, a flame sword and a flame whip, he wanted to create a new type of weapon. He went into a lava filled cave along with others and some fire magic users and other Volcanoss residents. After a month, it was a success and went according to plan, he called it the "Flaming Snakesword", the news spread throughout Volcanoss about the creation of a new weapon never before made or heard of in history. So, as time went on, more of these were made and put into shops. The Weapon can reach out long lengths, grab things or people and wrap around them like a wine. These Special Magical weapons are only made in, found in, and bought in Volcanoss. The Land called Hollow has never even heard of such thing...yet!

Magma Root-The "Branch" Weapons of Volcanoss, Made out of hot and Molten Rock, it is a huge magical weapon imbued with Fire and Lava. Can also be a projectile Weapon. A weapon exclusive to Volcanoss and a formidable one at that too. Can also be used to Cure, Heal, Restore, and even Resurrect.

Burning Book-These are Books that are burning and have flames around them, the flames are in the entire book and on the pages, its as if a book was set on fire. These are the main books of not just this race, but most of Volcanoss, and as a matter of fact, most Pyromancers. All of the Spells in these Books are some sort of Fire Based. All Dark Phoenix Type People will have at least one of these of some type.

Blazing Sphere-Basically the Magical Shield of this race. Like a Blazing Effigy as well. It is like a Fireball in a hand when wielded and grants magical protection against Fire and Magic, is even rumored that it can Set on fire things that try to pierce it, melting them. Can also be used as a Magical Weapon too as it shoots Fireballs of some sort.

Dark Phoenix Pet-The only types of "pets" of the Dark Phoenix Race are these, One way or another, sooner or later, each Dark Phoenix will have these. It can be just a Dark Phoenix, an Irish Dark Phoenix, A Dark Phoenix Firebird, etc. There are so Many Possibilities. Once a Dark Phoenix has one, they have it Eternally!

Skills & Magics

Although each Dark Phoenix have their own sets of Skills and Magics, Here is a list of Skills and Magics that are common to all of the Dark Phoenix characters, the list of common and shared skills and magics that come with all of the Dark Phoenix Type People are as follows!

Dark Phoenix Transformation-Each Dark Phoenix have two forms, their normal form, mostly a humanoid like form, and a Dark Phoenix form, in their Dark Phoenix form, they are dark colored and are Bigger in this form as well as being more powerful in this state than their normal form too, when facing a Dark Phoenix character, a normal person likely hopes that they never get to this form!

Flaming Breath-Being of Volcanoss, and in both forms, this is normal as they breathe fire, and afterwards, lava pours from their mouths with flames, it is much bigger in Dark Phoenix Form.

Lava Flow-Stems from the race and their flaming breath, can melt things, it is rumored that their blood may be in fact "Lava Blood."

Burning Body-In Both forms, parts of their body or their entire Body can set on fire, this is at their discretion and this can be on and off as this was a born trait in the Dark Phoenix as they Blaze.

Healing Feathers-Just like the Phoenix, the Dark Phoenix do this too, it is a dark heal as they spread the feathers and reign down dust that heals.

Flying-This entire race can fly in both forms via their wings.

Unique Accent-This Race usually speaks in a British/Alien/Cryptic Like Accent, which to most races, is likely strange and bizarre indeed.

Hot Wind (And/or Fein)-Every time they flap their wings in either form, the wind that blows is hot wind. Also, all the wind on Volcanoss is hot wind, which is typical for this hot and fiery land indeed, it is also called Fein!

Lava Manipulation and Control-Best used by Pyromancers, this is an ability to manipulate and control lava, and to create lava wall, lava blast, etc., Like most lands sit on bodies of Water, Volcanoss areas sit on bodies of Lava only!

Telepathy/Mind Reading-All of this race can Read Minds and Talk Telepathically, Especially Illusionists and Mancers!

Known Dark Phoenix Players


Famous Dark Phoenix

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OOC Notes

All Dark Phoenix can do IC Tells as all of them are Telepathic and can read minds, especially Pyromancers, Electromancers and Illusionists!

Until Volcanoss (Pronounced VOL-CAIN-OSS!) or a home land of fire for the Dark Phoenix gets brought and integrated into hollow, The Best places to find this race are extremely hot, dry, fiery areas filled with Lava such as Lava Pits, Lava Tubes and the like.

Also, needing a pic of a male, a female and the race logo please.

And Also, This whole thing is currently a WIP yup yup!

OOC:Dark Phoenix players can oocly go to cold areas, however ICly cannot due to their fiery nature, there may be things later on that can change this allowing them to move in the cold freely, but for now it is what it is.


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