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Use this page to let everyone know what is going on in The World Called Hollow.

Upcoming Events

Current Events

Regional News Items

All News items are considered IC information. If it is reasonable for your character to have heard the news IC, then feel free to include it in your RP.

However, this does not necessarily extend to information within any linked pages. Only information in the News headers is guaranteed to be IC.

December 2017

  • December 20th
    • A monstrous battle takes place in the Grand Cenrili Arena! A giant tank was erected center stage and filled to the brim with water as The Uyeer King and The Alithryian Ambassador brought their show stopping theatrics and battle prowess to Cenril. After a well fought battle, Kreekitaka was declared the champion. Fans of both parties then filtered out into the streets after ingesting a strange Uyeer drink served during the event and proceeded to cause a few minor brawls of their own seized by the spirit of the day.

November 2017

  • November 4th
    • In Cenril politics, Sterling Townsend concedes to Fitz Johnson in the Mayoral Election that took place aboard the SS Turnt. After a rousing speech, Fitz is murdered by a hooded figure calling himself Kahran. He claims responsibility for the destruction of Catal (homeland of Frostmaw's Steward) and promises the same for Lithrydel; a merciless cleansing by fire. Uma, wife of the late Fitz, banded together with fellow witches to banish Kahran and surround Cenril with a protective magical barrier. The SS Turnt and thousands of citizen lives were lost in the conflict.

February 2017

  • February 4th
    • The Royal Wedding between King Macon of Larket and Queen is interrupted by a massive earthquake. One which destroys much of Larket. Citizens are dragged from rubble and buried, riots and robberies ensue. A sinkhole forms in the Vibrant river. Those who remain do what they can to repair. Meanwhile, criminal opportunists have seized the chaos to raid supply caravans, the concert hall, and vandalize reconstruction sites as a protest of the King and Queen.

October 2016

  • October 24
    • After a meeting between Macon of Larket and Queen Hildegarde of Frostmaw, wherein the two were unable to agree on the terms of Larket and Frostmaw's future friendship, the relationship between the two cities has taken a rather unsavory turn. All indications highlight that war has been declared.

  • March 7
    • One of the few pockets of Elves which remain in Sage after the Drow-Elf war has been savagely butchered. Corpses were left discarded where they stood, horror evident on every face, terror in the glassy remnants of their eyes. The bodies themselves seem to have been devoured beyond the normal blood-dry that happens when vampires feast, some were even torn entirely apart, like they were set upon by ravenous beasts. None know who is responsible, though rumours from both Vailkrin and Kelay speak of two terrifying monsters which travelled through the cities, slaying any foolish enough to get in their way. Which could well explain the many bodies left to die in the streets. The only one who got a good look was a poor traveller who had his spine shattered... he doesn't have long to live, but he could be the only one with any information on what caused so many to share such a horrific fate...

August 27

  • Mayor Uma Abelin hosts Cenril’s first annual Peace Gala. The news reports it's success without mentioning Henry Cramer’s unwelcomed appearance. The masked man interrupted the night with a speech that was filled with witch phobia and hatred, reminiscent of the majority of Larket's views. He publishes a religious, witch phobic book that is a popular buy despite receiving scathing reviews. A new paper is hitting the shelves that promises to be honest, but what could they have to be transparent about when the Fisherman's Almanac is reporting nothing is wrong?

May 2014

  • May 16th
    • An unidentified, powerful creature attacked House D'Artes High Priestess Gevurah and Fifth Patron Kuzial within Trist'oth's border near the entrance.

April 2016

Frostmaw at War! With Satoshi vanished and Hildegarde's recent death, however temporary, the city of war earns it's namesake once again. Dissidents within the giant community rise up and exile the previous 'outsider government' and any others they consider not to be native. Determined to rule themselves once again, these malcontents raise Balgruf to the throne. Hildegarde, now exiled from her own nation, gather allies from around hollow to march on the frozen north and retake her home

    • Tragedy! Hildegarde's army camp in Xalious was bombarded by catapult with projectiles most foul to draw the dragon out. As she marched on her attackers, her forces were pinned in the mountain pass and rained death upon from above by giants lead by Trajek and Balder. They drove their attackers off, but at great losses to themselves and little to the enemy. Spirits dashed, the allied forces retreat to treat their wounded and count the dead.

  • May 19
    • Nothrobalug has struck a deal with the seamstress, Iintahquohae, to outfit his armor in furs for a trip to the cold lands in exchange for teaching her fighting skills and strategy
  • May 18
    • Some orphans have taken to training with orcs, abandoning play in favor of learning how to defend their city like their fiercest of friends. One orc in particular has been spotted exchanging battle tips for lessons in better learning the common tongue.

April 2014

  • April 19
    • Gualon celebrated its annual Spring Festival, organized and hosted by Meri, in the beautiful Gualon City Plaza. Citizens and visitors were treated to live music by the latest bands and bards, and vendors were invited to display their wares in kiosks set up throughout the city square.
      • Leone's booth was one of the more popular stands during the festival, selling intricately-crafted, fire-blown figurines. Word on the street is that duplicates are hard to come by, and the price of these collectibles is sky-rocketing.
  • August 28th
    • An epidemic is sweeping Chartsend! Local healers are doing everything they can to combat the mysterious disease, but nothing seems able to cure it!
  • June 1

A new ship has made port in Rynvale, named Kraken's Kiss, the ship arrived without much pomp and ceremony. The captain of the ship has been heard in the Broken Barrel inn, discussing how he seeks adventure and items of interest in Rynvale and her waters.

  • October 17
    • A trade deal has been finalized between Venturil and Larket. In addition, due to recent reports of crime in the outlying areas of the West, a detachment of Venturil's forces have occupied the Dead Forest.
  • June 29
    • Lady Quintessa Dragana continues to amass power and influence, not only in Vailkrin, but in Lithrydel as a whole. Emboldened by her months of serving as Warden and Baroness of the Dark Forest, Quintessa makes another grab at political power by declaring herself Countess of the Dark Forest, claiming all the lands east of the Bridge Across the Void. With this move, the fledgling leader of House Dragana assumes the self-proclaimed title of the Shield of Vailkrin, publicly naming herself the supposed protector of the City of the Dead.

October 2019

  • No news has been reported since August 2012
  • October 1st
      • After a lengthy construction, the Woodland Couturier is now open for business. Located close to the Kingdom's center, it offers a fine selection of wings, hooves, horns and fur.
  • No news has been reported since October, 2010.
  • January 31
    • A massive rumbling may be heard from the sky above Cenril; those close enough will notice the hulking city of Armantium swaying back within the sky. Buildings in the mystic Avian city jostle about, the damage no doubt considerable as the floating ore within its base seems to be destabilizing before your very eyes. Bits of debris pepper the landscape below, leveled structures spilling brick and stone upon various unsuspecting passers by.

      Rocking precariously amidst the air, the arcane settlement seems to descend noticeably toward the earth before suddenly breaking free from its stationary position and drifting on a slow progression toward the northeast. Armantium casts an imposing shadow, tracing across Cenril's streets as the titanic levitating city blocks out the sun overhead, slowly moving along its intended path with a wobbly trudge-like creep.

      The enchanted structure seems to begin gaining height again as if the enchanted elerium has a mind of its own, raising up further into the sky until barely visible within the clouds. Those staring northeast to follow the the abandoned city's fate will see it finally disappearing as a tiny speck high above the distant horizon.
  • August 4
    • The National Treasure the Green Rose was stolen from the Craughmoyle Treasury tonight. Any information that would lead to the recovery of the item would be greatly appreciated. For information regarding the treasure contact the city guard Thavene.

April 2018

  • April 19
    • The war in Alithrya ends with the death of Jaize, along with several other causalities. The Priestess Gevurah, Senator Brennia and Pilar helped secure the victory. Still war ravaged and recovering from outside influence, the city is taking this time to turn it's attentions inward as Reginae ascends to take her sister's place as Queen of Alithrya. Guests are still encouraged to travel only along safe trade routes. Pilar, Vestra, and Iphigenia are noted among the deceased.
  • No news has been reported since June, 2010.
  • April 23
    • In the months after Larket's withdrawal, one warlord named Gromph had gathered a sizeable force of goblins to his cause, and was closest to claiming kingship. However in the shipyards of Kregus, Dyzz still held her ground and from the depths of Kregus, Gorznahk's guerilla warfare had become a constant thorn in Gromph's side. Gorznahk approaches Dyzz to see if their individual goals would permit alliance.

  • From February 2017 to December 2017, The Larketian Fault Lines arc fractured society with those who suspect witches and those who support witches on either side. It ended with the public burning of an infamous witch. The events are listed for your ooc convenience in an abridged timeline. Read it here.
  • During April 2016 to February 2017, a lot happened in Larket. It's captured in the Rise of Larket arc, which has been distilled into a handy-dandy timeline for your ooc convenience. Read it here!

  • May 25
    • There have been reports of raiders attacking supply caravans in the Nameless Desert.


  • January 22nd: Elections for Mayor of Xalious will be held February 12th! Kick off at 8:30pm EST
  • January 21st: There is gossip spreading through the village, unconfirmed as all gossip is, that Hildegarde is alive and staying with Josleen at Kyl'oriel's house.


  • December 13th: During the Frostmaw Yule Ball, the lich returned! It was discovered she had a second phylactery, Steward Hildegarde's heart. In a sacrifice that the Village of Xalious will never forget, the Steward of our closest ally, Frostmaw, gave her life to smite the lich once and for all. Steward Hildegarde will forever be revered as a hero in Xalious.
  • December 8th: Josleen traveled with the prisoner Quave to Frostmaw where he was interrogated by Frostmawian authorities. There the lich's phylactery was discovered and destroyed. Hooray!

Other News Items

  • May 28
    • Due to the supplies from Rynvale having been cut off and the war between the Drow and the Elves cutting off supplies from the west. Slit and his people had no choice but to abandon the desert village and relocate to the city of Larket where the steward Kelovath welcomed them with open arms.
  • May 25
    • An army of Nomad raiders attacked the village in the Nameless desert and killed several guards and workers and then fled back into the sands before an effective counter attack could bge made.
  • May 20
    • An army of raiders attacked several supply caravans destined for the village in the Nameless Desert and send the heads to Slit as a message to leave.
  • May 3
    • A gang within Cenril stole supplies from a ship from Rynvale that were labeled as being destined for the Nameless Desert. This lose of much needed materials has caused a crisis that needs to settled soon or the project will be lost.
  • December 10
    • Posters can be found throughout Frostmaw, and placed upon other city boards, declaring Zane banned from Frostmaw, under penalty of death. A details sketch of the vampire is included, provided by those that witnessed his crimes--crimes which include wanton poaching, vandalism of city property, harassment of Queensguard, and threat to the crown and her people. 60,000 gold is offered for his death should he be found in Frostmaw.
      • An additional party is offering 80,000 gold, for Zane's death, and proof that he was tortured beforehand. Rumors are spreading that this is being offered by the Assassin's Guild, as a recruitment drive.

  • September 30th
    • The Mage Guild has named a new Sublime Master, the wizard Svilfon, after the former Sublime Master, Tiphareth D'artes was elevated to the rank of Archmage. Both the Archmage and Sublime Master will continue to pursue the highest levels of arcane knowledge and power, as well as ensuring the Guild continues to grow and remain strong. In the coming months there will be a Mage's Tournament hosted to both celebrate the promotions of Svilfon and Tiphareth, and also to recruit new members to the Mage's Guild. All mages will be welcome to enter, whether you're a member of the Guild or not, and prizes may well include promotions to those who do well.