Chaotically Glowing Ice Runes

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Chaotically Glowing Ice Runes - (Armour-Hands)
Creator: Elenor
Last Known Owner: Satoshi

A duo of runes, one etched upon the palms of each of Satoshi's hands. The symbols are of an archaic, arcane tongue, a language long dead and long believed to be the essence of words. A single rune is said to carry a hundred meanings while also being the very core description of a word. On Satoshi's left hand, she is marked with the rune for Cold--with a few of its additional meanings being Ice, Chill, North, and Winter. On her right hand is the rune for Death--synonymous with Darkness, Silence, Night, Ghosts, and the Ethereal. They glow with an azure light so potent that the symbols are clearly visible through fabric. The marks cannot be mistaken for tattoos despite their precision, for the lines are filled with a crystalline blue ice.


Carved into Satoshi's flesh by the child-seer Elenor, as a mark of the eidolon's soul being bared. Through these marks, Satoshi channeled the combined essences of Bozrah, Asorial, and Ko'tar, along with Svilfon's hatred and Sins, and Hildegarde's compassion andWhim, to help fell the would-be-god Wyrm. Despite the Eidolon's innate regeneration, the wounds do not properly close and thus the runes never fade, permanently marking Satoshi.