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This page is an UNOFFICIAL RACE page.

It contains important info about this race.

Race Rules
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General Statistics

  • Homeland: Any place humans are found.
  • Combat Style: Exclusively melee unless ranged skills involving weapons are learned.
  • Magic Rating: This race has zero aptitude for magic.
  • Strengths: Melee combatants. Gaining distance on ranged foes in a proficient manner.
  • Weaknesses: Magics.
  • Preferred Alignment: Tends to lean more toward the chaotic alignments.
  • Intelligence: Selective intelligence.
  • Aggressiveness: Tremendously aggressive.

Race vs. Class

While Brawler can work for either class or race, there is a distinct difference in the two and how others should view them. The single guideline which separates the class of Brawler from the race is birth.

A natural born Brawler maintains the race. These beings come from a line of specialized fighters, which having underwent extreme sessions of brutal training, were transformed and titled with this race. While they have no distinct physical qualities which separate them from normal fighters, a racially born Brawler tends to appear hardier in build than most. Each natural Brawler contains a genetic variation which cause them to be far more aggressive than most fighters of any category. This variant was passed from the original Brawlers to their children and so fourth. The race of Brawler is usually found in the male species, but females are also susceptible to a Brawler-birth.

A learned Brawler maintains the class. While not having been born as a Brawler, and lacking the specific genetic quality, the class of Brawler is dependent on an individuals learning capacity. One can learn most traits that are associated to that of a natural Brawler by contact with a natural, reading texts, and practicing the techniques of this race. A fighter can earn this title through training.


The origins of this race were strictly human originally, but breeding with other races has resulted in a mixture. The predominant race of a Brawler, to this day, is still Human. A natural Brawler can be any size or shape, ranging from an Orc to a Dwarf. Aside from the larger muscle-mass of this race, there is no single identifiable trait on the exterior. The only clue to a Brawler would likely be the aggression factor. Using both words, actions, and facial theatrics the natural Brawler is known to engage in a fight over the smallest of errors without reason or judgment behind their own actions. This race is as close to visceral as possible without being completely animalistic.


A brawler has the normal skills of any warrior, but with heightened strength while engaged in melee combat. This race commonly fights with hands, feet, teeth, head, or whatever natural weapon they have at their disposal. A Brawler does not fight by the rules of a more formal society. Eye gouging and ‘below-the-belt’ moves are not off limits for this ruthless race. Bare knuckles, leather wraps, gloves, or the rare weapon is used when fighting.

Known Players of the Brawler