Battle:Re-taking of Gualon

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Part of the Battle Over Gualon Arc

Valkor rises from a nearby chair as his leader enters. He speaks boldly and with a firm voice. "We must act now."

Myrall looks round the clan room, and seeing they are alone gives her head a small shake "I am sorry old friend, it would seem the rumours are true. The have posted a notice on the road claiming the lands, and there is a small contingent of guards at the meeting hall, though they did not notice me, too interested were they in their ale and cards. I could see no damage to the city though, ‘twas as if they just marched in and put up a sign without any resistance."

Valkor nods and speaks with a controlled voice ."What then shall we do? "

Myrall looks to her hands, unsure she should say what she is about to, but driven more by anger and hatred than aught else "What if we were to go there now and raise the place, whilst all the guards were in side. A couple of well placed torches would do the trick. Cowardly I know, but effective none the less."

Valkor nods once. "No more cowardly than tip toeing into a free city and beating their fist on their chest to claim ownership."

Myrall hurries into the store room returning after a few moments with some rags. Looking to valkor she nods towards the cellar "Go and find some spirits that we can use to help the torches burn."

Valkor looks around and thinks of the temple pantry. "Right!"

Valkor exits east.

Valkor shakes his head. "Nothing looks right in there. Shall we meet infront of the tavern? Mestaks should have just what we will need to raise the offenders." He waits for her reply.

Myrall nods in agreement "Aye, though I'll cut through the forest on my way and find a few sturdy looking branches to use as shafts for the torches. So I'll meet you there."

Valkor nods and departs with unfolding wings

The sage forest

Myrall looks around, her keen gaze sizing up in an instant which branches will and will not suffice. Picking a dozen or so of the most likely she hurries off to the tavern to join Valkor, hardly seeming weighed down by her burden at all, so intense is her anger.

Outside the tavern:

Valkor comes out of the tavern with a hand full of bottles

Myrall drops the stout branches she has hauled all the way from the forest, and at once draws her knife. Hacking away at the small off shoots to leave them straight and leaf free. As each is stripped she hands it to Valkor to wind cloth around, and soak in alcohol.

Valkor spy's Myrall. "There was not left in there tonight. I was only able to purchase ten Mesthaks strongest-brew, five whiskeys and five tequilas!"

Myrall grins "The whiskey and the tequilas will do nicely, the brew we will drink to aid us in our task."

Myrall shouted, "Tonight we fight for Gualon, who will aid us in our bid to free them from the empire."

Valkor poars the alcohol into a bucket. With rough fingers he drops the cloth into the bucket to allow them to soak the rich liquid. After a few moments he begins the task of wrapping the dripping cloth around the branches. He almost seems to be humming in anticipation of the attack.

Valkor pours the alcohol into a bucket. With rough fingers he drops the cloth into the bucket to allow them to soak the rich liquid. After a few moments he begins the task of wrapping the dripping cloth around the branches. He almost seems to be humming in anticipation of the attack.

Valkor shouted, "For the freedom of Gualon! Rise up one and all!"

Pearl tilted his head in confusion a the shouting people. Hesitantly he pulls out a bandage, wrinkled from water moisture and hands it back to Valkor. "Uah."

Myrall drops the last stripped branch onto the pile, her tone urgent "We must hurry my friend, for now we have the advantage. the Empire's guard sleeps, and darkness shields us, but if we do not hasten then we shall be discovered and all will be lost." she lowers her voice to barely a whisper "Though we act like thieves in the night, stealing in under cover of night and out again undetected, I feel I should warn you that if we are betrayed or discovered it will bode ill for the Temple and all who follow our banner."

Valkor takes the offer bandage and soaks it with the others. He finishes off one torch with a overhand knot and finding a piece of rope he quickly binds the cloth tight. "Yes. Then haste we must." He picks up another branch and wraps that one carefully.

Mahteth said, "Is this all? Will no others join us?"

Myrall looks around and shakes her head "’Twould seem not, but perhaps that is a good thing, as the fewer who aid us, the less chance of betrayal or detection."

Valkor finishes off another torch. The winged knight takes the two and soaks them into the barrel. With a broad grin he grabs and wraps three more.

Aerinn bows to her clanmates and Mahteth. "Greetings."

Myrall looks at the growing pile of torches and gives a heavy sigh, though her conscience tells her this is no way to fight a war, her common sense tells her that it must be done. She nods to Valkor, and then to Mahteth, her eyes now saddened by the burden of what they are about to do. "Are we ready?"

Valkor finally completes the last of the torches, six in all. The knight has and idea and takes what remains of the whisky and stuffs a few wads of cloth into them leaving a few inches of tail sticking out of them. "These should help as well."

Mahteth takes a torch in each hand and strides East.

Mahteth exits east.

Aerinn looks at the preparations before her with a puzzled frown on her face. "What is all this? Are we going to torch the tavern? And if so, why?"

Valkor nods once. "Ready Myrall." He leans over to his friend Aerinn.

Myrall shakes her head "Nay not the tavern, the meeting hall in Gualon where the Elite guard sit on their laurels eating, drinking and enjoying the spoils of war. Tonight we fight for Gualon."

Valkor grabs a torch and two cloth stuffed bottles. "For the freedom of Gualon."

Aerinn looks at her leader, a harsh light entering her usually calm red eyes. "Then let me fight with you, Myrall. I will not let anyone usurp the homeland of my friends, no matter their intention."

Myrall picks up a torch in each hand, and looks silently towards the east for a moment "May the goddess guide us this night, and Gualon taste freedom come the dawn." with that she strolls purposefully towards the over looking gorge and Gaulon.

On Gualon Road :- Outside the meeting hall.

Myrall creeps forward, standing on tip-toe she peers in the window, almost at once drawing her head back again. Turning to the others she gives a nod, confirming the presence of the guard.

Valkor pulls out a tinder box and awaits the command of Myrall. He eyes dart from person to person. This act may be a death sentence for each of them. There will be no turning back once the torches are lit.

Mahteth whispers "their barracks are in the hidden Village"

Myrall nods to Mahteth “I know, but that is Drow lands, and for now I don't think I should interfere, i will speak with keter and Velve on the matter and see what they wish me to do."

Myrall nods silently to Valkor, a slight flick of the hand indicating that there is another door leading from the hall, and that he should attack from there.

Aerinn looks from Valkor to Myrall and lastly to Mahteth, not sure where to go exactly.

Valkor nods in silence.

Valkor exits south.

Myrall waits silently, her breath caught in her throat for Valkor to get into position before she gives the order to attack.

Aerinn slowly starts whispering, calling forth to the magic inside her, preparing to let it out on the first sign from Myrall.

Myrall whispers to the two women "Right, light your torches, and on my mark throw them at the hall, aim for the roof, the widows, the door, anywhere that might help the fire take hold."

Mahteth shouted, "For freedom! "She runs a flaming brand along the West wall notice boards then casts it high into the roof."

Aerinn stops her chanting for a moment, turning to Myrall. In a whisper, "I need not torches, my lady. I will burn the hall down if it is necessary. It is covered with wood which will burn up quick spreading the flames to all sides."

Valkor shouted, "*finds a large thick piece of lumber and carefully lays it over the south entrance door. In doing this the guards will have only one way to escape, and that will be the westward door.*"

Myrall gives a slight nod of the head "Aye that wood and paper will burn well." she strikes a tinderbox and watches as the tip of her torch starts to smoulder for a second before bursting into flames. Raising her voice to a veritable roar she screams "Now my friends, for Gualon. NOW!" rushing forward she throws the torch with all her might towards the thatched roof.

Mahteth shouted, ""piles the ladder backed chairs onto the dance floor and thrusts her second torch into them." That will make a merry fire."

Aerinn shouted, "Whispering in a swift manner, the vampiress lets the built up magic inside her out, sending a river of flaming arrows into the Meeting hall, setting aflame everything they touch. The wooden floor catches fire as if covered with oil, spreading like a carpet through the room. "For freedom!""

Myrall hurls the second torch towards the widow, and the sound of breaking glass is clearly heard as the flaming piece of wood finds its mark. Her hands now free, her right travels at once to the hilt of her sword, drawing it from its sheath she stands in readiness.

Valkor quickly clears the area surrounding the meeting hall of flammable material, wishing to contain the fire to the hall alone.

Valkor lights his torch with a tinder box and Takes to the air with eyes reflecting the beginnings of the blaze within. The wings of the giant stir up the air and his lays his torch to the awing of the rooftop. Within moments it brightens the surrounding buildings with its fire light.

Mahteth shouted, "Beware the floor friends! It's going to go!"

Aerinn watches the flames and the smoke, even her vampire vision not clear on the movement inside the hall. Muttering under her breath, the magess sends a soft blue tendril of light toward Myrall and Mahteth, covering them in an invisible aura for protection. Closing her eyes, she concentrates on herself, making her merge with the few remaining shadows. Her hands crackle with the force of magic she's drawing from inside, prepared to meet the enemy.

The sound of chairs scrapping against wooden boards and armour clanking can be heard clearly against the gathering roar of the fire, as the first shouts of the guard start to echo through the night, the second window shatters from the intensity of the flames. After a few moments the door swings open, and the men who were inside fight their way coughing and spluttering from the smoke, out into the fresh air and freedom.

Myrall brings her sword down hard and fast on the shoulder of the nearest guard, hardly daring to look and see what injuries she has caused before she brings it up again and readies herself for either death or victory.

Aerinn spots the first man fall by Myrall's sword, instantly sending a ball of crackling dark blue energy at the next guard. It reaches him in mere moments, hitting the man straight in the chest and spreading like an ink blot all over his body, freezing the soldier in matter of minutes. Not looking at the results of her spell, magess instead looks for her next target, praying to gods for forgiveness in taking more lives, innocent or not.

Myrall slashes mindlessly at the sea of on coming bodies, not caring where her blade lands or what damage she sustains herself.

Aerinn sends bolt after bolt of harmful magical energy in the oncoming mass of bodies, bursting through the door, some aflame, screaming with the angry bite of fire on their skin. Aerinn watches long enough to see her spells hit their mark before turning to others, ignoring the clumsily thrown arrows.

Mahteth drawing her sword, goes to Myrall's aid, slashing at the press of bodies without hesitation.

Valkor pulls out one of the two cloth stuffed bottles and lights it. Taking careful aim he launches it to the windward side, where it explodes in a blaze of smoke and fire. A few beats of his wings finds its mate dashed nearby and joining in the ever growing rooftop infernal.

Myrall shouted, "Valkor, how goes it. Do they escape?"

Myrall swings round, fury in her eyes as the guard she was about to take a swing at turns on his heels and flees towards the south. Her temper flares further as one by one his comrades follow suit, leaving just the three of them standing in front of the burning building.

Aerinn turns to Myrall, wiping the sweat off her brow. "Do you want me to go after them? Only few have run off."

Mahteth smiles Myrall's anger, "Let the cowards go my Lady. They will spread the word that we are to be feared

Mahteth wipes the blood from her sword on a convenient body but does not sheath it, "My blade is still hungry. I think I remain in these parts for a while in case any return".

Myrall nods in agreement at Mahteth's words, turning to Aerinn "No, let them go and lick their wounds for now. I'll not have us labelled as callous killers who will kick a cur while he's down. Perhaps later when we are rested, then may haps we will search for them, see if the provide better sport." she looks down and sees the blood starting to pool at her feet, then notices a large gash on her thigh, giving a cold chuckle, she raises her head to the other two. "It would seem I must seek a healer, but no matter, I know of one close by. Though would you do me a favour? I noticed on the road a sign that said Gaulon was claimed by the empire. Tear it from the ground and burn it would you. I'll not have Valkor reminded of this night when he returns."

Mahteth murmurs under her breath and places her hands on Myrall's le. A gentle warmth emanates from them, "Does that feel better?"

Aerinn looks worried about the wound on her leader's thigh. Strangely enough, no craving for lust fills her. "Worry not, Myrall. It will be taken care of. You should go find someone to help you with that. I should really start learning about healing from Valkor and Gwenilyn." Frowning at her useless magical self, she turns to go do what was asked.

Myrall nods and gives a grateful smile "aye, thank you, it does." Mahteth bows to Myrall, "A good night's sport My Lady. I bid you farewell for now".

The Sign:

Mahteth looks at the sign, "shall we do something about that atrocity?"

Myrall nods. "Yes, lets burn it, make a pile of ash no one will ever connect with the sign it once was."

Mahteth takes a bottle of brandy from her satchel and pours some over the sign, "You may have the honour my friend".

Myrall looks down at her dirt smeared hand, crackling with the gathering magic. With a few whispered words, the magess sends a firebolt at the sign, watching it disintegrate under the force of the magical fire, being eaten away until only ash remains and the smell of spilt brandy. "It has burned quite fast. What a miracle brandy is, eh, Mahteth?"

Mahteth laughs, "Indeed it is. And later I will put it to its more usual purpose".

Myrall smiles, offering her friend a bow. "Thank you. It wouldn't have been the same without you, Mahteth."

Mahteth bows in return, "it was a pleasure. And now I think I'll have sport with those rocs down the road. I will see you later".