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This page is an UNOFFICIAL CLASS page.

It contains important info about this class.

Official Classes Unofficial Classes

The Unofficial Classes require admin approval. This class has been restricted due to conflicts with the Laws of physics for Hollow (no "Steampunk"), no further approvals will be given for this class. The closest related class which may be approved is Flectomancer, though Flectomancy is a mage specialty class (not allowed for other classes) and the created objects will only work in the presence of the Flectomancer.

Class Name: Artificer

Strengths: Advanced knowledge of clockwork, metal-working and extremely advanced intelligence. An artificer's strength comes from whatever they make. It can be anything from clockwork soldiers to rapid-fire crossbows. Or even a steam-powered veggie slicer.

Weakness: Usually not geared toward combat, artificers are usually the crafters of many weapons, but never the wielder.

Races that can be this Class: Any race that has a genuine interest in technology, rather than magic.


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