Arc: "Of Awkward"

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I bet you saw this in recent changes, if yes, chances are your one of the lucky people who get to read about our newly awaited ARC: OF AWKWARD.


Hollow as many players know has many, many tiles. However only a small handful ever really see use in Arcs and RP's. In a way this an advertisement for our little known tiles.

Meet a player, talk to them ahead of time, maybe agree on a tile, come up with one off rp with your character as you explore writing in this rarely used place.

At the end of the Arc, if we ever get to an end, we could perhaps vote on whose one of rp was the best.

Best of Luck to you creative writers, and explorers of seldom used tiles.

Chapter 1: Do we even need chapters?

            Players:         Location: 

Example: Bob and Donald - Scent of Sea.