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Arc:The Savage Queen

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Part of the Agitation Arc

Part of the The White Hunt Arc

Two Arcs, One Lich

Our heroes discover that a single lich is behind the calamities in both Frostmaw and Xalious. They work together to defeat the common villain.

Chapter Four

Summary: During an interrogation in Frostmaw, Quave reveals that The Savage Queen's phylactery is the garland of sculls worn by none other than Orikahn, presumed ally of Frostmaw (and Xalious by association). The garland is destroyed, and so too is the lich presumed dead, but Orikahn escaped. Then, at the yule ball, Orikahn returns with The Savage Queen and it is revealed that there is one more phylactery: Hildegarde's heart. Leone stabs Hildegarde through the heart to kill the lich once and for all.
  1. Interrogation Killed the Cat
  2. Soul Crushing via Phylacteries and Cakelog Denial
  3. Escape Plan P: Pixie
  4. Breaking the News (and the Glassware)
  5. Yule Be Sorry
  6. Be Still, My Chaos Beating Heart