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Arc:The Fermin Plague

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Description: The introduction of the Fermin Plague.

Well, I do not have the RP saved, and if someone does, they certainly should post it here. To sum up the origins; Diiroehn had created a plague, and paid the fermin to drink it.

The plague specifics are the effects of madness, utter and uncontrollable anger, a volatile attachment to pain and the inflicting thereof. The plagued people would only attack to kill, attempting to destroy any creature in its path, living or not. The infected also froth without control, vomiting and dialated eyes contribute to identifying the disease. The fermin do not have the side-effects of the disease, but are carriers and can spread it. Only the undead are completely immune.

Currently, Armitas is looking into the matter, after learning that the Lich was behind it, and being confronted by Anshera, the Lich's creation. Thereafter, he was confronted by Cris, the Lich's thrall. It is not a matter of learning whom started it, but learning how to counter it, and how to capture who did it.

Keter seems involved in some way, perhaps in searching for the cure; the Lich made a potion of the cure, and gave it to a single person in Hollow. Thea seems involved, as well, to the same extent, if not seeking to banish it.

The reasons why the Lich had started and released this 'Fermin Plague' are still unkown.