Arc:The Cenrilian Connection

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Summary: Vailkrin's a troubled city, if the Nathali Cultists running around or the proximity of 'The Burrower' (now possessed of a hunger for undead flesh) are any sort of indicator. Those troubles only seem to be growing more profound, however, as the Cenrilian Church begins to grow more active in their attempts to bring ruin to the undead city. Is it a gambit to kick off a holy war, however, or something else?

Additional Notes:


  1. The Casket Caper
  2. An Informative One-Sided Discussion
  3. Hospitality & Hypotheses
  4. The Assassin's Guild releases a contract to all spies and hunters for information on the Cenril church
  5. The Assassin's Guild releases a contract to all assassins for proof-of-kills on Nathali Cultists
  6. Unburying the Truth
  7. Regicide Costs a Pretty Penny
  8. Crimson Rondo
  9. Clean-Up Considerations
  10. When You Corner a Mouse, You'll Find a Lion
  11. The Ginavi's Choice
  12. Quiet as Undead Church Mice
  13. Cryptic Interviews