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Arc:Something Wicked

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This is a Ranger's Guild Arc.

Death stalks Frostmaw's frozen forests. Recently, citizens of the City of War have found themselves hunted by an enormous, ferocious beast when venturing beyond the city gates and into the wild. Strange tracks have been seen winding between the trees: a bear's prints leading into a patch of disturbed ground, but only a man's leaving. The numerous deaths and the disruption to the giants' livelihoods forced Aslfur, a woodsman, to seek out the help of Encara Val'thyrion, a wayward drow and mercenary. Encara soon found herself working alongside Ranger's Guild members Orikahn and Aira to find the creature wreaking havoc in the Western Wilds.

What began as a bear hunt has now evolved into a dark mystery. Who are the witches that watch Tovald from their obsidian mirrors? Why are they controlling him, forcing him to undergo the change into a monstrous beast... and what is their ultimate goal?

Contact Encara or Valrae if you're looking to get involved!

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

  1. Freedom and Independence
  2. A Drow and Goliath
  3. Fuzzy Wuzzy Wasn't Fuzzy, Was He?
  4. Blood and Silver
  5. 'Ware the Werebear
  6. An Eye For An Eye


Aslfur: A woodsman and the man who posted the original bounty for the beast after it killed several of his friends, Aslfur later met the same fate when the bear destroyed his camp and everyone in it. He managed to point the hunters in Tovald's direction before succumbing to his wounds.

Tovald: Described by other woodsmen as a distinctly odd and slightly unhinged fellow, Tovald is a hunter and trapper and helped keep the larger, more dangerous creatures away from logging camps and fishing huts. A solitary type, he lives in a lonely cabin in a small, secluded valley, far from civilisation. Superstitious, paranoid, and very reluctant to talk about the giant green skull painted on his wall. Whether he's a werebear by blood or by a witch's dark spell is up for debate.

Isobel: High Priestess Isobel leads her isolated coven of witches alongside her cousin and lover, High Priest Abaris. From afar she watched Tovald through obsidian scrying mirrors, using dark magic to force the giant to transform and attack citizens of Frostmaw. She was blinded when Encara stole one of the mirrors and Orikahn shattered the other, but vowed to find the hunters again and have her revenge.

Related Material

The Crystal Skulls: Artifacts of great and terrible power kept and protected by six 'Old World' covens. The six crystals were used for generations by different members of their families until they were lost in the war and forgotten with the passage of time... until the death of Valrae Ivy Baines. The skulls were tracked down and retrieved, and their ancient power was used to bring the Red Witch back to life.