Arc:Something Blue

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After her resurrection and subsequent war for the throne, Queen Hildegarde hasn't felt at peace nor felt like her normal self. Instead, she has felt like a mere shade of her former self and feels as though she's lost sight of who she truly is. On a quest for inner peace and to find her true self, the Queen of War bid her High Priestess to summon the God of War. Whatever being was summoned told the Warrior Queen of a darkness coming... something that wasn't yet seen. What could it mean?

Chapter One: Gotta Have Faith

Chapter Summary (so far): The mighty God of War has been summoned to ancient Temple of Judgement within Frostmaw! He brought with him warnings of an unseen foe and much woe to come.

  1. [Rorin/Hilde - to be completed]
  2. If I Only Had A Heart
  3. [Secret RP]
  4. Queen Takes Queen
  5. Good Guys Talking
  6. You Must Believe