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This is an Adventurer's Guild Mini Arc. To join, simply contact Lanara ICLY or OOCLY.

This Arc is now wrapped up and closed! Thanks to everyone who participated!

A Cry For Help

Lanara fulfills the position as Leader of the Adventurer's Guild and works hard to gather a team of elite individuals that share the desire to explore the realm. Later, she gets a letter from Twister Island, from one of the villagers. A woman named Renata. She mentions a powerful mage by the name of Crimson Cloak who hopes to take over the island. He creates powerful storms, and abuses the villagers. Later, the tornadoes ended up literally pulling sharks from the water, and since it's magically created as well as natural, they are somehow surviving and wreaking havoc. If the Guild and company come and defeat the mage, end the storms and save the island, they are welcome to a chest of gold and fine gems, all gathered by the islanders as payment.

  1. An Icy Meeting Amongst Adventurer's
  2. Divided We Stand, United We Fall?
  3. The Final Fishy Countdown

Training And Preparations

The team works together to become better acquainted with one another, as well as train in various areas. Khitti gives spiritual advice, and Elioyahazer orders harpoons and provides lessons in how to properly use the weapon, as they will be most effective against the sharks.

  1. Harpoons, Direwolves and information
  2. Learning To Lean
  3. A Distasteful but Respectful Encounter
  4. Securing The Sails

Twister Island

The Adventurer's Guild boards the ship to take them to Twister Island, along with a team of healers, mages, and rangers, to provide assistance in reclaiming the land, tending to the wounded, and defeating Crimson Cloak. Along the way, some members of the Guild strengthen their bond, some lives are lost, and their faith is questioned.

  1. High Sea's Adversity
  2. Off-ship Breakfast
  3. Gotta Have Faith
  4. Troubled Times Calls For New Cooks?
  5. A Rewarding Reconciliation
  6. Reclaiming Twister Island
  7. A Shark-Bration's Escape