Arc:Put Up Your Dukes

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Since its founding, Chartsend has been a Patronage. A wealthy benefactor pays for the town's upkeep and in exchange, the town pays homage to them. Wilhelm Ilivaris, who took over after Lady Alicia went missing, has decided to change that and establish a proper government, with him at the head. This proves to be more difficult than anticipated.

Arc runner: Pilar

Part 1

At the annual thanksgiving festival on November 11th, Wilhelm dissolved the city council and proclaimed himself Duke. The council took umbrage with this, lines were drawn, and a riot broke out. Wilhelm was wounded and chased from the city. Since then, the town treasury was emptied by a dastardly shapeshifter and the town has fallen into anarchy and an economic recession.

  1. There's Something Rotten in the State of Chartsend
  2. But Why Is The Gold Gone?
  3. Theft Aftermath
  4. I Feel Bloody Amazing

Part 2

Things seem like they couldn't get worse for Chartsend, until they do; a turncoat naga, Vestra, warns Pilar and Yozenra of Jaize's planned invasion of the village now that it's helpless!

  1. Problems
  2. Solutions
  3. Sabrina's Smiles and Pilar's Promotion
  4. Tipping The Scales
  5. Woes Exponential
  6. The Union of Pilar and Yozenra
  7. Attack On Chartsend Part II: The Naga From The Bog-a

Part 3