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Arc:Memory Dome

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The Memory Dome is arc inspired by Aaken, to developing a special Structure in hollow that can hold the memories of individuals of hollow through living art. A museum of Memory accounting for both First Person and Third Person memories, and establishing an archive that can record individuals lives so that there they can be enjoyed by those to come for eons.

  • Bards: Are welcome to join, and contribute in whichever way they desire.
  • All are welcome to join. Whether ye be evil or be good, you can be included into the Memory Dome.

There is no expected Due date for this arc to close as of yet, But those who wish to join, please get in contact with Aaken. Hmail Preferred though ooc is available and tells. If you wish to talk details please rp with Aaken.

A Dream

  1. The Dream (Unrecorded yet)