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Arc:Froad Hunting

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(This is a Mini-Arc Expect about 3 RP's Total maybe a bonus, you can be hear once if you wish or the full time, get in touch with Thalra to be a part of this)

A Froad is unleashed into Lithrydale, and is now the bane of road travelers and trading caravans. This monstrous creature is new to these lands and is to be considered un-killable until the conclusion of this arc.


In Order:

  1. Importing Pythons and Froads

A Froad

Originating from foreign lands, a Froad is Frog and Toad like creature by appearance, accept for the fact that they are typically 30' tall, 60' wide, and over 50 tons. These massive creatures have jaws that are wide enough to swallow riders and their steeds whole, and even some wagons. They typically make their territory alongside roads, in wooded areas just outside of the eye of those coming up and down the road. Their tongues are lightning fast and able to snatch both rider and ride from the ground and back into their mouth in about a second. They will eat anything that comes within their field of vision, and will hardly ever move. However when they do, they do so in tremendous leaps some over a thousand feet, and land with a ground rumbling quake, as well as leaving a crater in their wake. The Froad that is currently in this Arc, is considered a Common Brown Spotty. Noted by the brown skin occasional warts and dark brown spots that go down its back. In Thalra's homeland many nobles would buy these Froads from Specialized Trappers to be placed about the roads up to their palaces for added protection.

How to go about the arc:

Submit your rps that include some interaction with the Froad, When we get the RP 10, We will assemble an actually hunting party, and chase it down.

For more Information

Ask Thalra for additional details in character.

So bear in mind Royality, if we can't kill it but trap it, we might go about selling it. Wink Wink.

Get Involved, Today, Hmail Thalra.