Arc:Craughmoyle's King

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Gheneroc has his greedy eye on Craughmoyle.

Chapter 1: Small Beginnings

Long has Gheneroc talked and schemed about taking over Craughmoyle. Enough schemes have been made, and the dragon prepares to mobilize and make his intentions a reality! Like all great things, this has a very humble beginning.

  1. Let Me See Your True Face
  2. The Fruits of Labor - placeholder; summation for Gheneroc's previous work and a starting point
  3. Expanding the Seed - Machinations are starting to fall into place.
  4. Troubles Under the Mountain - Dwarven political turmoil?
  5. Xzavior, Champion
  6. Xzavior, Sneak
  7. The Sinister Web Expands