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Jelko, the Director of the Assassin's Guild, is holding an event to test the Guild's members and scout out potential new members. The quest is something of a scavenger hunt, for twelve unique and powerful items. Those with the skills to become part of the Assassin's Guild will undoubtedly hear the rumors of this quest floating about in the underworld of the rogues, and need only contact Jelko expressing their interest to join--and do so quickly, as the number of allowed competitors is limited.

~ Entry is now closed ~ The Quest has officially started, competitors have until midnight of February 15th to gather the pieces from the others.

The Basics

The quest is simple. There are twelve unique items involved, each competitor has been given at least one--at least six competitors are needed, left over pieces will be placed in a special location for discovering, if the need arises. The first to bring at least six pieces to Satoshi will be declared the winner. Any with the skill to bring -all twelve- will get the grand prize. What is the grand prize? You'll have to get all twelve items to find out.

Espionage/information gathering will be a key ability for this quest, and is an expected ability of any involved with the guild. Once you learn who has what items, it is up to you and your unique skills to acquire it by whatever means are necessary. Although this is a quest for the Assassin's Guild, let's try to keep the killing of our competitors to a minimum. The winner's prizes are unique, but others that display worthy skills may be offered a place in the guild as well (if they aren't already a member), and killing off potential colleagues defeats the purpose of this multi-tiered test.

Once you've been given an item, you -may not- hide it or give it to another to hide. It must remain on your person and accessible at all times--this means no sealing it away within/upon/whathaveyou yourself through magical means. Guarding it is your responsibility, losing it to another competitor will be your failure. Play fair, fight dirty, and prove your skills.

All of the items have been specially sealed for this event, meaning that they have a very limited number of uses before they become useless to you--six uses, to be precise. Likewise, keeping the item for more than a month will render them null until returned. Only upon their return to Satoshi will their powers be reawaken, thus only the winner will be granted the full potential of the items. The drawback of holding multiple items? Their powers seem to counteract each other, allowing only one to be active at any given time, no matter how many you possess.

Common, Expected, and Approved of Methods of Acquisition:

  • Combat (Dueling)
  • Theft/Mugging
  • Conning/Blackmail
  • Poisoning/drugging

Obviously, fighting is not your only option, allowing even non-combative potentials to join in the competition. However, don't be surprised if your target doesn't always give up their item without a fight. If you wish to avoid this, use your stealth, cunning, and likewise to beat them to the punch.

Ooc Note: RP accordingly and compliantly, please. Those that automatically 'discover' assassins, thieves, and conartists in the act are not the people we want in the guild in the first place. Competent, fair players that know when their character has been defeated/outfoxed are what we're after. I don't care how sleazy your character is, -you- are a mature individual and should be capable of RPing with reason and fairness in this competition. Disputes, complaints, and the like that crop up on an ooc basis will result in items being removed from -all- involved, and given to competitors that have played fair thus far. See? Behave, and you may be rewarded when others misbehave. This is as much a test of your character's abilities as it is of your ooc conduct.

The Competitors

-All interested guild members are given auto-entry if they wish to join, after that it is a first-come, first-serve, with non-guild members.

  1. Mahri (Entry RP Completed)
  2. Ginger(Entry RP Completed)
  3. Yasmine(Entry RP Completed - Withdrawn, items being redistributed)
  4. Kasyr (Entry Completed)
  5. Kirien (Entry RP in Progress)
  6. Domastine (Entry RP Completed)
  7. Nalath (Entry RP Completed)
  8. Arcos(Entry RP Completed)
  9. Enzo (Entry Completed- Withdrawn after losing Item)
  10. (Mystery Entrant) (Entry RP Completed)

Entry RPs will be added after the quest is complete, to avoid potential mixing of IC and OOC as to who holds what items.

The Items

  1. Garnet Mouse
  2. Amethyst Oxen Shield
  3. Aquamarine Tiger Claw Gauntlets
  4. Diamond Studded Rabbit Ears
  5. Emerald Dragon of Whim
  6. Pearlescent Snake Eyes Visor
  7. Ruby Horse Tailed Leggings
  8. Peridot Goat Hoof Cleats
  9. Sapphire Monkey's Climbing Bracer
  10. Opalescent Rooster Feather Cloak
  11. Topaz Charm Dog Collar
  12. Turquoise Boar Hide Tunic

The History

Discovered in the ruins beneath Frostmaw, in the Altar of the Snow Maiden, by Satoshi and Diggson, these strange gemstone pieces--each featuring one of twelve animals--have resided within a black basalt and gold chest for an unknown number of years. Along with the pieces was a ledger, badly damaged with age, words hardly decipherable among the cracks, tears, and stains. What was determined, however, is that each item holds a unique enchantment within the stone they carry, and some sort of similar curse is to be found within each. The exact details of these enchantments was not fully discovered, and nothing is known of their creator(s), past, or original uses, but one underlying note that showed up repeatedly was a warning: Use these items with extreme caution. To use what is theirs they will take what is yours, until you become such as they were, abandoning nearly all of what you are.

The Prizes

  • Return all twelve items: keep six of those items, and 25,000 gold. If not a member of the Guild, a membership offer is guaranteed along with the Grand Prize--to be revealed.
  • Return six items: keep three of those items and 15,000 gold. If not a member of the Guild, a membership offer is included.
  • Return three items: keep two of those items and 5,000 gold. If not a member of the Guild, a membership offer is likely (not guaranteed).
  • Return one item: may be allowed to keep the item, and 2,500 gold. If not a member of the Guild, a membership offer is possible (not guaranteed).

The RPs

Please record all RPs you do concerning the items, so that they can be properly included with the Quest Arc.

  1. Discovering the items.
  2. (Learning the secret of the items RP still in progress).

More to come as the quest develops. Page still under construction.

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