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Class Name: Arachnotaur (variety of Flesh Golem)

Strengths: Physically strong, agile, eight eyes for incredibly wide range of vision, venomous bite, powerful webs. Strong against some magics, including cold and unholy magics, and due to the master-level spells employed in creating them are not as vulnerable to holy magic and fire as ordinary undead.

Weakness: Live to do the will of their creator. While they are capable of slightly more independent thought than the average zombie, these creatures become highly unstable when not bound to their maker and tend to act in self-destructive ways. These creatures are pretty tough, but are more inclined to damage from fire and holy magics than any other kind of arcane attack, as well as prone to damage via sharp weapons.

Races that can be this Class: Undead humanoids

Description: Akin to a drider, the arachnotaur is an undead humanoid torso attached to the body of a Giant Spider. They are created via a mix of alchemy and necromancy, and the means of their creation is available only to high ranking members of the Necromancer's Guild.

Arachnotaurs also, unlike other kinds of undead, do need to 'refuel' at times though cannot die of starvation, being undead. Absorbing liquid nutrients into their spongy interior flesh does give them an energy boost, however.

NOTE: Aside from resistance to some magics, arachnotaurs can possess NO magical capacity at all.

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