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Approved RP Characters

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Admin Approved RP Subrace / Subclass Characters

Subraces, Subclasses, and Royalty specifically require admin approval to RP in Hollow. If you are not approved for a subrace/subclass/royalty, you should not be RPing yourself as such. This page is for Admin to list characters that they have approved for RP Subrace/Subclasses and Royalty.

Do not list your own character here.

If you have approval but are not listed, please contact the admin who approved you to have your name added. If you list your own name, it will be removed immediately.

To Obtain a RP Subrace / Subclass Character

To apply to become a RP recognized Subrace or Subclass character, you need to write an essay, 1000 words in length, about why Hollow would benefit from having this "subrace/subclass" character. Make sure it makes good, logical sense. Don't just ask to be a XXX because it would be cool. Then, when the essay is complete, send it via hmail to the administrative staff (Vgfh, Ryeanna, Hans, Fertangle, Vuryal, Cyllarus, Jacklin, Myrall).

Once you receive your approval, you can flag it on your wiki page with this bit of code:


The number at the end is the Approval # you might have received with your approval. If you did not receive a number, send an hmail to Cyllarus or Jacklin for it, and a request to update this page with your approval.


Characters approved for the following RP subraces.






Pure-Blood Vampire

Born Vampire

  • Syadon




Characters approved for the following RP classes.





Priest Variants


Characters serving as Royalty/Heads of a specific region/race/etc.

Other RPs

  • Fireworks Expert - Noemi3
  • Half-elf Lycan (elf traits invisible) = Letha2
  • Guardian of Sage: Liana6


  1. Approved by Vuryal
  2. Approved by Ryeanna
  3. Approved by Fertangle
  4. Approved by Vgfh
  5. Approved by Hans