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Amethyst Oxen Shield

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This page describes a Custom Item. To see rules and pricing to create your own, go to Customs Price List.
Amethyst Oxen Shield - (Armour-Shield)
Creator: Unknown
Last Known Owner: Satoshi, the Assassin's Guild

A sturdy rectangular shield of an unknown, highly durable, black metal; its center is crowned by a large piece of amethyst which is surrounded by etchings of bellowing oxen. If its edge is embedded into the ground, the enchantment upon the amethyst is awoken, allowing the shield to become as immovable as a wall until lifted once more by its owner. Overuse of this shield tends to make the owner obstinate and short-tempered--much like a bull--and some believe a full transformation may eventually take place from prolonged exposure


One of the twelve cursed gemstone items found in the strange ruins beneath Frostmaw. The story of their creators is thus far unknown, but one truth of the items is that each holds the power to corrupt their holder if misused. It is said that the items are able to seek each other when separated, whether this is true or not is yet to be seen.

Part of the Assassin's Guild Quest Arc