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Alexander Role-Play Rules

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Bear in mind that the following list is a general guideline only. Although a few points listed here go along with Hollow law, this list will be pressed into the game as much as possible.

1) When characters are created, only suitable names will be allowed. Failure to adhere will result in being sent to the "Stupid Name Room" and being forced to create a new character. Further failure to adhere will result in being punished accordingly.

2) When role-playing against another player IE: taunting into a duel, the player on the receiving end has every right to not participate. If they choose not to involve themselves, it is their choice. It’s a good effort to make for an evil character to try and cause a little mayhem, just be sure you pick a good target.

3) Keep in and out of character situations separate. Don’t use an OOC reason for IC actions, or harass another player OOC for what they do IC.

4) Role-playing sexual content in Hollow is strictly prohibited regardless of the circumstances. Hollow players will adhere to the PG-13 rating.

5) Judged duels will be set along strict lines. Duelists must agree to all terms of the duel and announce them to the judges/spectators before the duel takes place. Subjects include the following. Rounds, Time limits, Attack/defense restrictions, Duel stakes, and any other needed information. Combatants will clearly state any and all stakes for the duel. No assumptions will be counted.

6) Hollow Administrators have the right to interfere in specific roleplay situations if any disagreements ensue. HOWEVER, they will act as mediators first and foremost. Only in extreme situations will further action be used.

7) Keep your out of character arguments regarding any roleplay issue off the IC public board. Handle your disagreements privately.

8) Duelists will adhere to the decision of the judges without argument. Judges reserve the right to or not to tell a duelist who they cast their vote for. Duelists may ask, but only in efforts to further their roleplay skill in seeking their dueling weaknesses.

9) When interfering with a core issue of another players character IE: Souls, unborn children ETC, where a desired conclusion could affect that character and their roleplay, at least do the decent thing and ask them if it would be alright. Being spontaneous is good and all, but if they don’t want their characters messed with, it is up to them.

10) Players are allowed to roleplay their characters the way they see fit. Just don’t think yourself as being completely invulnerable. A lot of good duelists love teaching that lesson to ones with large egos.

11) Don’t use the OOC and shout channels to argue any problems regarding roleplay. Try and deal with it all privately.

12) Swearing in roleplay is strictly prohibited by Hollow law. Certain foul language will automatically be censored by Hollow itself, as well depending on the severity, warnings and/or punishment will be given in the form of character muting and punishment rooming. There are a few words that aren’t covered by the censors however. Use them if you wish, just don’t overdo it.

13) Players are entitled to roleplay their character races and classes in a mix-matched fashion. As Hollow cannot support every race and class that can be thought of, Players may go against the norm and roleplay their characters differently. (IE: Avians crossbreeds ETC.) However, bear in mind that some races and classes are incompatible, even in roleplay. Such as Priest/Thief, Giant/Pixie.

14) As custom equipment is not available to players, they are entitled to roleplay items they are equipped with as having special abilities and/or names.

15) Write your duels in its traditional Present tense style to avoid confusion.

16) Try and use proper vocabulary, spelling and punctuation. “Whazzup?” is hardly role-playing.

17) Bear in mind that Hollow is a fantasy based game. Concepts such as aliens, guns and modern things are not allowed.

18) When a player is killed in a Death Duel, he/she is required to give up that character. Transferring items to a new character is forbidden and is punishable by Hollow administrators. Subsequently, it is considered bad form and is frowned upon greatly to in essence resurrect your characters roleplay and persona under a different name.

19) As the subject of Auto-hitting is encouraged by this website, it is not however to be misused. Severe damage, death moves are not allowed under this concept without prior consent. However, such things as grasping a character around the throat, as well as minor damage is acceptable. Bear in mind that there is no move that cannot be countered. No matter the severity of the oncoming attack.

This page was originally written by Alexander and was placed on his help Page.