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Here we’ll go through a few step-by-step instructions on how you can get started. Of course, your first question is “How do I get money?” right? But before we can go there, there are a few things you need to know.

First off, take a look at your screen. Here is described the various aspects to this game. Everything from a description of your surroundings, any other players, and other things are shown here. At the bottom, you’ll see a blue area with the words Clear, Who, Inventory, Stats, Help Rest and Quit. These buttons are the quick click commands. As Hollow is text based, anything you or another player does will be shown below the room description. Over time, this collects so to clear any unwanted text from your screen, click Clear. After this is done, the next move you make will take off all past text. If you want to see a quick list of who is online, various clans that players may belong to and a players idle time, click Who. Inventory shows any items and gold, silver, copper you have collected. For right now, you only have 5 biscuits, 5 milk and a few minor pieces of coin. Stats will show you the aspects of your character. Any equipped items will be shown here, your hit points, magic points Etc are here too. Below these you will find a description of your character. Make a note of your hunger and thirst. If these get too low, you will find you won’t be able to move around until you’ve had something to eat and drink. Also, any skills you have acquired and any pet you may have with you are displayed here. The Help button will bring up a screen with things like FAQ, Command list and other things if you get stuck. Rest will put your character into resting mode. While in resting mode, your lost HP, MP and Stamina will replenish at a rate of 3 points per min. As well, no other player will be able to attack you until you get up. To log out of Hollow, just hit Quit. It's fairly simple, right?

Next, make sure you have made at least a quick pass through of the Command List of Hollow, You will need to remember these to interact with Hollow. Everything from talking to others, to learning skills can be found here. So letls move on.

If you haven’t figured out already, the image with North, South, East, West, Down and Up is the quick click way of making your way around Hollow. If you haven’t already, please make sure to read the first few room descriptions you find when you enter. These will help you in a few extra areas. Keep going along the instructed path until you reach a place called Kelay Tavern.

Welcome to the hot spot of Hollow. Here you will almost always find other players. Feel free to take a look at them and speak to them if you want. Each players name appears to you as a link that will show you what they look like, what they are wearing, even if they are married or single. Here in the tavern, most players will be found conversing, conducting role-play, even getting into minor brawls. As Hollow is text based, you’ll be able to see everything other players do. You’ll also find a list here you can read for food and drink. But don’t buy any of that yet. We can’t have you going broke just yet. Speaking of that, let's move on to making money.

Head South twice and you’ll find yourself in Kelay Shop. Click your Stats. See where it says you have a rusty dagger? Click that to take it off. Don’t worry, you won’t be weaponless long. Sell the dagger here and head one North to Kelay Way.

In Hollow, the main way of getting money is to mine for it. So let’s get you over there. Head in the following directions: 8 West, 1 South, 1 West, and 4 North. Here you will find an NPC called “Melbane” Now this guy has a few things you need in order to mine. You’ll find a note here so go ahead and read it. This is where you’ll get your first skill. Type in Learn mine and at the top left corner of your screen, you should see a bit of text telling you that you have learned mine. Now you have your first skill and should see it in your stats screen. Also, buy a pick axe here. When that is done, go to your Inventory and equip the pick axe. Now you’re all set to make your fortune. Head west one and you’re in the mine.

A couple things about mining: First off, it takes one Stamina point for each whack at the mines. Sometimes you will find something, sometimes not. When you run out of Stamina, rest to replenish it and go at it again. Not only do you find valuable items here, but also as time goes on, if you check your Stats, you’ll see a black bar beginning to grow beside Stamina. When this bar is full, your stat will go up a point. After you’ve found some items, go back to Melbane. Go to your inventory and sell these to him. Bingo! Now you’re making money. Mine to your hearts content, but remember, you can only mine 750 times in 24 hours. Nothing to worry about right now, but as your Stamina gets higher, you’ll be able to mine quicker and longer, getting even more money for yourself.

Mining gets pretty tedious over time huh? Alright then, let’s go hunt a monster or two. Now be careful. Getting lost in Hollow is easy to do. Even worse, if you run out of food, you’ll need to call for help and hope another player is kind enough to bring you something so you can move about. Best go to Kelay Tavern again and buy some cheap food. After you stock up, if you have any coin you feel like spending to get rid of those rags you’re wearing, Kelay Shop and the trading post one north, one west and one north have a few things for basic clothing. Search out the general area and you’ll eventually find either a roaming monster or a stationary one as a link similar to the ones that look like player links. Feel lucky? Click the monster and the fight is on. Now remember I said you wouldn’t be weaponless long? A pick axe can be used as a weapon and is better than a rusted up dagger. Now here you will see your battle stats and those of the monster you’re fighting, along with a command bar to click and a submit button. The command bar will list all the moves you can do such as Slash, Advance, and Escape. When you get more skills for fighting, more commands will appear here. If the monster has a lot more HP than you, run like mad and find a monster more your size. Hit submit while you have Slash selected to give the monster a good hit. Sometimes you might slip and fall, but most you’ll hit him for a certain amount. Keep slashing away until he’s dead, or you get too low on HP, in that case, run, rest and repeat. When the monster is dead, you get any coin it may have had on it and if you check your stats again, you’ll see that several other bars starting to rise up. One quick note on how experience works with fighting though. In Hollow, EXP is based on how many hits you do, not how many kills so it is best to fight without a weapon. Save your weapons for player combat.

So that’s the basics of fighting. Now if you’ve noticed, a few experience bars don’t rise by using slash. How do you get them to rise? You need new skills. Now, unless you are a Druid or Ranger class, don’t follow the following directions as your skills are in a different place. Head in this direction from Kelay Tavern: One south, three west, two north and down one. Here is the skills area. There is a note here you can read for a skill called “Recall” This skill teleports you to Kelay Tavern at a cost of half your maximum stamina. Now this skill costs 500 gold so you may not want to get it just yet. Depending on your class, your skills might be north, east south or west or even a combination of two. Search these four rooms out and read the notes in each. Guaranteed you will get at least one skill free. The others might cost you a bit more than you have so if you want them, best hit the mines again.

For Druids, head in this direction from Kelay Tavern: One south, one east, three north and one west. Here’s the Druids eternal tree where you get your skills.

For Rangers, head in this direction from Kelay Tavern: One south, five west, three south and two east. Here’s the ranger camp where you find yours.

Mages, head this way from the tavern. One south, eight west, one south, three west and two north. Here’s the mages tower. In one of these rooms, you’ll find a note to read for your skills.

So there are the basics of The World Called Hollow. If you have any other questions about the game, feel free to ask around. Usually there is either a player or administrator that will be able to help you out with whatever you might need. Some players may or may not have their own websites dedicated to helping out Hollow featuring maps, lists, and role-play advice as well.

On behalf of the players, programmers and administrators, Welcome to the Hollow community. We hope you will find this game to be as good an experience on you as it has been for many of us.

This document was originally written by Alexander

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