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1. The items in-game are set the way they are after careful consideration of the current state of the economy in Hollow. The ease of gaining gold, the total amount of gold in game, and the average gold per player are all taken into consideration. If you can’t afford something yet, chances are, you’re not supposed to have it at your particular level. Keep training, and eventually you’ll get it.

2. We do allow characters to have time travel ability, however, there are some rules regarding this:

  • Items and/or people other than the person with the power may not travel through time.
  • The time line can not be altered, Hollows timeline is a result of any changes people make, so any change in an attempt to change the time line will not affect Hollow as it has in fact already occured causing the timeline in the first place.
  • Future tech knowledge can not be brought through the timeline - This means you can't go into the future, learn everything you need to build a hydrogen bomb, return, then build it.
  • Magic does not exist in Hollows future, so you can't go into the future and use your magic to take over. Similarly, you can't claim to come from the future and be a magic user.

3. We do allow characters to be extra dimensional in nature, ie, come from other universes/realms/etc. However, upon entering the universe/realm/etc where Hollow resides, your character will comply with the laws of Physics in which the character now resides. This essentially means it will lose any extradimensional powers that could be considered as powergaming. This also means that your race will alter to comply with the laws in the new realm where it resides. An example of this would be a vampire who came from a realm where it couldn't walk in daylight. In Hollows realm it would now be able to walk in daylight.

4. Generally, roleplay is not forced in Hollow, however, we do expect all players to follow some general guidelines regarding how they play their characters. These range from the descriptions of races, to showing respect to characters that could feasibly kill yours. If you make a habbit of antagonizing these characters, and then hiding behind the fact roleplay is not forced, then you may find a death duel, or an autokill issued against your character. 'Realism' is key.

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