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10 Commandments

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In case you missed these rules on your way into Hollow, we have posted them here as well. Enjoy. (The commandments idea was a player idea, and if it was you, contact Vgfh so he can give you credit)

  • DO NOT ALT - (Alting is having more than one character)

  • DO NOT ITEM TRANSFER - (Item transfer is moving items from one character you own, to a new one, either directly, or by use of a third party)

  • DO NOT STEAL ITEMS - (If an item is on the ground, ask before you take, unless it is unattended)

  • DO NOT KILL STEAL - (If there is a queue for a monster, wait your turn, or ask)

  • DO NOT CYBER - (Cyber sex, or any act that could be seen to be such is not allowed)

  • DO NOT MISUSE THE CHANNELS - (OOC is for out of character chat related to the game, SHOUT, WHISPER, and SAY are for in character actions, TELL is generally accepted to be telepathic when used in character, or when not used in character, as an OOC channel)

  • DO NOT AGREE TO GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OR MEET ANYONE - (People are generally not who they say they are, giving out personal information is not safe)

  • DO NOT ABUSE OTHER PLAYERS - (This includes mocking their typing/RP skills, taking things out of character, continually harassing them for personal information, continually asking to fight them for no real reason and spamming them)

  • DO NOT ABUSE THE ADMIN - (They are generally here to help you, however, may have other duties to perform, so if they don't do everything you ask, accept it and move on)

  • DO NOT ABUSE ANY IN GAME GLITCHES - (If something appears to be too good to be true, it is. Inform the admin immediately. This includes any in game code related glitch, or monster related glitch, such as substancially more gold being given out than other monsters in the same HP range)