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== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
== '''Related Artifacts''' ==
* Xalious-wood Staff
* [[Talisman of Xalious]]
* [[Xalious Wood Staff|Xalious-wood Staff]]
== '''Related Clans''' ==
== '''Related Clans''' ==

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Xalious is a God of Hollow


Xalious is one of the Elder Gods and is entirely neutral. He is the God of Magic, and his followers are almost exclusively mages, wizards and sages. Xalious is a studious God and contains all the knowledge of the First Civilizations, which fell when their most powerful mortals Ascended to form the first Council of the Gods, before they were entirely destroyed in the reforging of the world. Xalious detests anything which leads to the destruction of knowledge. When he died to become a God, the Xalious Tree was born from his deceased body. Around it he created the Xalious Ranges, which mages protect to this date, housed in the ancient and powerful Mage Tower.

Almost all mages in Hollow worship Xalious in some capacity, even if their patron God is another, as the mere casting of arcane spells and the knowledge learned in gaining archaic power acts as homage to the former Great Archmage.

Xalious very rarely involves himself personally with the mortal realm, generally content to spend his time residing in Celestia, the City of the Gods in the plane of Higher Gods.

Places of Worship

  • The Xalious Tree
    • Xalious Village



Common Follower types: Mostly Wizards, Mages & Sages

Known Followers

  • Tiphareth
  • Svilfon

Related Artifacts

Related Clans

  • None

Common Rituals

  • The very practice of magic itself is, in a way, a ritual to the God Xalious.