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Initiates maintain close contact with one of the guild's ranking members in preparation matters of candidacy. Once approved, they will graduate to the rank of neophyte.
Initiates maintain close contact with one of the guild's ranking members in preparation matters of candidacy. Once approved, they will graduate to the rank of neophyte.
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About the Warrior's Guild

The Warrior's Guild, in its latest incarnation, is based in Frostmaw at the Royal Academy of Aramoth and the adjacent Snowless Training Yard.

Welcoming all who have or wish to develop their skills with melee weaponry, the Warrior's Guild is a natural home for knights, warriors, death knights, spell blades, paladins and all those wishing to learn the art of war.

From Sauriangate to Township Troopers; from What You Leave Behind to Dissonance Theory -- the Warrior's Guild has changed dramatically over the past three years. It has become an organization standing not only for the protection of the realm, but for the eradication of pervasive threats in order to ensure that the tragedies of yesteryear are never again repeated.

Mark Hunts

We're trying something new this year, and that something is called mark hunts. Inspired by various fictional fantasy franchises, the gist is that guild members work together to take part in fun, dangerous shenanigans (such as taking down a particularly dangerous monster, or resolving disputes with diplomacy or -- more likely -- steel and spells). Members are eligible to earn gold through their exploits, as well as rank up more quickly, thus gaining coin and fame.

Member Ranks


Initiates maintain close contact with one of the guild's ranking members in preparation matters of candidacy. Once approved, they will graduate to the rank of neophyte.


New to the guild, these members may be complete novices to melee weaponry or they may possess limited skills with any one of a number of weapons. By dedicating themselves to their craft, they will soon become soldiers.


Soldiers of the Warrior's Guild frequently follow lieutenants and commanders in scouting missions and skirmishes alike. Many of the NPCs Lionel introduces for a richer sense of setting and scale belong to this rank.


Soldiers who have proven themselves in active combat and similarly daring ventures will eventually rise to the rank of lieutenant. Lieutenants are capable of leading small teams of soldiers on their own.


The highest-ranking regular field personnel are the commanders. At this tier, there are no NPC representatives; only player characters are given the privilege of command.


Commanders who have been decorated in long-running campaigns or accomplished similarly vast feats of courage may reach the rank of Defender. The capitalization of this rank correctly suggests its importance. Defenders serve as sentinels, seeking out potential threats on their own and then reporting back with their findings. They can formally host meetings, and if one should be present during a heated moment, they are expected to be the first to emerge weapon in hand.

Flare Guardian

Flare Guardians are extraordinary people. These are the heroes and heroines of legend; their exploits are known far and wide. To be a Flare Guardian is to take on a debt to the world -- a doubt which can only be repaid through bravery and sacrifice. Flare Guardians have earned the utmost respect from their peers and can do everything a Defender is entrusted with and more.

Ultima Guardian

Even more renowned than Flare Guardians, an Ultima Guardian is truly unparalleled. If ever the Warrior's Guild requires someone to lead an entire campaign against an enemy capable of raising entire armies, it will be Lionel's hope that someone can emerge as Ultima Guardian and partner with nations in order to preserve life as we know it.


As the leader of the Warrior's Guild, Lionel understands he must select a title to differentiate himself from other members. Imperator Lionel O'Connor hopes to inspire his allies to give their all in the never-ending clashes with ever-present evil.

Honorably Retired

Those who pledged their services in the name of the Warrior's Guild in a profound and heroic fashion, and who may one day seek to return to the adventurous life of a guild member, informally maintain the ranks they once held during active duty. These characters have shown exceptional courage and a willingness to answer the call.


This section is due for a revamp. Please look forward to fresh details.

Rules of the Guild

Warrior's Guild Members will NOT:

  • Claim Guild ranks they have not been promoted to by the leadership.
  • Claim other titles beyond their skill or willingness to back up.
  • Claim or use abilities outside of their race or class.
  • Antagonize those they are unwilling to fight.
  • Publicly complain about, or challenge, a Judge's duel decision.
  • Use OOC information to influence IC actions.
  • Take IC words and actions as representing the thoughts or feelings of the OOC player.
  • Cause or attempt to cause any OOC Drama involving other Guild Members.

Warrior's Guild members WILL:

  • Follow all game rules posted in the Rules of Behaviour and General Policies.
  • Be active players. If you aren't around within 30 days, you will be removed from the Guild.
  • Abide not only by the wording, but the spirit of agreed upon stakes if/when they lose a duel.
  • Remaining active in RP.
  • Attempt to maintain a cordial OOC relationship with other Guild members.
  • Remember that this is a GAME, intended to be fun. Work to make/keep it fun for yourself and other players.